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Nothing like a little sour grapes…


Nothing like a little sour grapes…

Valley supporters continue to attack this blog and the the “mean spirited anonymous posters ” for their utter failure to aggrandize them selfs with an over sized monstrosity .

The Ridgewood Planning Board summed it up best ,“The impacts from this amendment are detrimental to the community,” end of story.

We are told the failure of this plan had nothing to do with the fact that it was ill advised, ill planned, and poorly executed . 

And that Valley and its supporters behaved  behaved like a bunch of spoiled 2 year old brats with their  ,gimme gimme gimme attitude .  

Valley in it unlimited arrogance even when as far as to demand the Village comply with their business plan. Apparently that included destroying the character of the Village.

Valley supporters even went as far as to purchase anonymous IP’s from hacker and spammer sites  so as to attack residents on this blog  I remind you of all the “thats what happens when you buy cheap houses near a hospital”  posts .

And while we would love to take al the credit , for blocking the ill suited expansion , groups like CRR  did most of the heavy lifting .

The fact that a $100 million dollar hospital could not get this done says far more about management and strategy than anonymous posts .

Unlike the sports people who love send derogatory emails to peoples employers or the schools system that picks on your kids if you speak out of line , the Ridgewood blog has not engaged in any of this “COWARDLY” behavior.
Posters can remain anonymous to protect them selves  from unscrupulous bullies , like the RBSA , BOE and Valley Hospital .
cry me a river>>>>>next time do your job!

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3 thoughts on “Nothing like a little sour grapes…

  1. Okay, I am the guilty writer and obviously struck a nerve…a letter to the Record on Friday ripped the “renewal” decision… I responded in a rebuttal letter that I totally disagree with the writer points (the original plan was insane and the amendment was an insult imho), but admired the fact that she was willing to have it posted in the Record with her name and profession… that is courage and conviction… I also indicated the blogs (plural) get a lot of over the top comments as anonymity makes that easy. Where’s the sour grapes? Oh yeah, the comments on the record articles are a hell of a lot worse on the pro-side but the over the top has been on both sides of the equation…and if you look at the personal shots that fly around with the RBSA and BOE and village government…I think my point is proven… okay citizens, fire away….

  2. And thank you for posting my reply

  3. This was an emotional issue partly because much was at stake in many ways and because it dragged on for so long. Nobody told the hospital not to upgrade itself–just not to that extent on that site. Not only WHAT, but WHERE. And this was something that Valley management and even our Planning Board did not seem to understand.

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