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Observant New Jersey Transit Police Officer helps reunite mother missing for days⁣

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Newark NJ, During a recent patrol, New Jersey Transit Police Officer Singleton received a report of a missing mother. Her last known destination was Newark Penn Station. There, she was intended to travel via Amtrak. Equipped with her description, Officer Singleton exhausted every resource to find her. Attempts to reach her via cell phone and at all prior locations proved negative. He found that her Amtrak ticket was purchased but was never used.⁣

Singleton scoured dated video footage from multiple cameras throughout the station. Subsequently, he found a potential match and confirmed with the reporting daughter. Remarkably, he remembered seeing the mother during a prior day’s patrol outside Newark Penn Station. Officer Singleton returned to the location and located the mom nearby. She was safely assisted and placed back enroute to her daughter. ⁣
One of our NJTPD core values is Commitment. Officer Singleton exemplified commitment in his dedicated effort to find and reunite this missing mom. Great job!⁣

13 thoughts on “Observant New Jersey Transit Police Officer helps reunite mother missing for days⁣

  1. Great job Sir!

  2. Thank you there young man!! Definitely a leader!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽👍👍👍

  3. This is what a good police officer is all about, this just goes to show that we need good police officers like this…… wonderful job my brother

  4. Great job officer we need more officers like you GOD BLESS YOU and your family keep doing what you are doing

  5. Great job sit

  6. Meant to say great job sir

  7. Great job officer Singleton 👏

  8. Thank You for going the extra mile. I pray for your safety. We are truly blessed to have man like you protecting us. I pray more good men would step up and be brave.

  9. I salute you for your efforts and dedication.

  10. You mean missing “Birthing Person”
    Stop being anti-alphabet….

  11. Great job. I need help in locating a missing child that rides N.J Transit a lot . He’s been seen on on the lite rail a lot and buses. His name is Al-Malik Marsh been missing since March.

  12. Now that’s a good police officer! Get rid of the bad apples and hire more cops like this one. Congrats! Keep up the good work Officer!!


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