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Old plans could present solution for Schedler



Old plans could present solution for Schedler

To the Editor:

There can be a sensible alternative to construction of a 90-foot baseball/multiuse field in a heavily wooded area on the Schedler property, and with little cost to the sports groups or the village. There is an existing 80-foot field at Pleasant Park that can be expanded to 90 feet. An existing plan, before the purchase of Schedler, might well be a solution.

In fact, both Veteran’s Field and the Pleasant Field were slated to become 90-foot fields as replacements when the field at Benjamin Franklin Middle School was turned into a track. A 2007-08 report on our Parks and Facilities by Schoor-DePalma-CMX (“Comprehensive Parks, Facilities and Recreation Plan”), paid for by the village, was presented to the council in 2008 recommending that the 80-foot existing baseball field at Pleasant Park be expanded, as well as Veteran’s Field, which now has a 90-foot field.

Of course, this report was written before the Schedler property was purchased.

After Schedler was purchased, the Pleasant Park extension was discarded. Reasons for the change by the village were soil conditions, objections by neighbors, permits from the DEP, etc. But no studies were ever done, and to my knowledge, no correspondence with the state.

The Pleasant Park neighbors are right to be concerned that a 90-foot field brings lights, noise, and traffic that could disrupt the Lawns neighborhood. But why are their concerns more important to the town than the residents on the east side.

Why not revive the idea of adding just a few feet to the existing 80-foot field at Pleasant with the following restrictions: no lights, no turf, and strict penalties for loud and disturbing behavior. As long as the players and fans play by the rules, the neighbors should be glad to help out. We would balance the loss of less than an acre of trees versus over 5 acres of trees at Schedler.

Sure, it would be nice to go across town to an area of east side residents near the Schedler property, put up a field, put in over 70 parking spaces and create problems on a narrow roadway, not to mention cutting down acres of trees that buffer the view and sounds of Route 17.

A traffic study in the middle of August on a residential street is not the right time to see what traffic is really like when school is out, when rush hour occurs, etc.

If this village is concerned about money, how would they justify an outlay of at least $1 million to level 5 acres at least, in an area that is uneven at best, put in a field, create a large berm around most of the property as buffer so trucks or cars don’t crash into the field?

The solution, a much less expensive solution, one that was proposed in the report, paid for by the village, is to extend the field at Pleasant.

Ellie Gruber


7 thoughts on “Old plans could present solution for Schedler

  1. Thats it throw the people down the Lawns under the bus. Im sure they will not mind all the traffic ,noise and lights. When the RBS get done with Pleasant Park Field there will be more than a few trees taken down. The RBA never and I mean never does anything small. Bating Cages, Equipment Storage Building,Lights Loudspeaker System, Bathrooms and maybe a Concession Stand and when they get done they will still want Schedler.

  2. Why don’t we add another floor to the Hudson Street parking garage and put a 90 Ft field there. This way the RBA can raise donation to build the parking garage and the tax payers will be off the hook. Parents can drop of their kids to play and then get a bite to eat at Greek To Me. The Chamber will be happy because it will bring more people into town to shop and eat. Lights and noise will not be a problem in the CBD. Plenty of on site parking and bathrooms. It could be named THE 3 AMIGOS PARKING GARAGE AND STADIUM. Just one addition. A permanent Skybox for the 3 Amigos.

  3. Funny thing how when the Clinton Avenue people came out in full force, the terrible three relented and went against the village engineer, the chief of police and some other officials’ advice. But the Schedler people, forget them. Why is this Mister Mayor? why the hell are you throwing these fine citizens into the chipper-shredder?

  4. Money talks, nobody walks 9:04 AM.

  5. how about condos,

  6. Is that what you want more Condos, More kids in the school system, More school taxes. More infrastructure. You must be drinking the 3 Amigos Kool Aid.

  7. 9:01, that is hilarious, I love it!

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