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Ominous Sign Appears at Paramus Park Mall

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ, a reader forwarded us a photo of an ominous sign the saw in Paramus Park Mall in Paramus .  We have not been able to find any other information . Not sure what strategic importance a shopping mall in Paramus plays .   The signs appear to be popping up in other malls like Willowbrook in Wayne .

According to the CDC there are 6 types of radiation emergencies:

Nuclear Emergencies

A nuclear emergency involves the explosion of a nuclear weapon or improvised nuclear device (IND).
The explosion produces an intense pulse of heat, light, air pressure, and radiation.
Nuclear explosions produce fallout (radioactive materials that can be carried long distances by the wind).

Dirty Bomb or Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD)

A dirty bomb (also known as a radiological dispersal device) is a mix of explosives such as dynamite, with radioactive powder or pellets.
A dirty bomb cannot create an atomic blast.
When the explosives are set off, the blast carries radioactive material into the surrounding area.

Radiological Exposure Device (RED)

A radiological exposure device (also called a hidden sealed source) is made of or contains radioactive material.
REDs are hidden from sight to expose people to radiation without their knowledge.

Nuclear Power Plant Accident

An accident at a nuclear power plant could release radiation over an area.
Nuclear power plants have many safety and security procedures in place and are closely monitored by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)external icon

Transportation Accidents

It is very unlikely that a transportation accident involving radiation would result in any radiation-related injuries or illnesses.
Shipments involving significant amounts of radioactive material are required to have documentation, labels, and placards identifying their cargo as radioactive.

Occupational Accidents

Radiation sources are found in a wide range of settings such as health care facilities, research institutions, and manufacturing operations.
Accidents can occur if the radiation source is used improperly, or if safety controls fail.

The CDC offers some helpful hints for Radiation Emergencies .


17 thoughts on “Ominous Sign Appears at Paramus Park Mall

  1. Next crisis. Have to replace COVID with something else.

    1. 16 months and Biden ruins the economy sees war in Europe and a Russian threat of nuclear war. But at least no mean tweets

  2. This is very unnerving

  3. In the event of a nuclear war, this sign would be about as useful as the oxygen masks and life rafts when a plane crashes into a mountain. Besides, the Russians are more likely to team w/ the Mexican cartels to increase “soft target” terrorist attacks in our interior through our open southern border than to trigger nuclear Armageddon. Maybe our leaders could find it within themselves to care about the security of the country the swore to defend as much as they claim to care about Ukraine.

    1. You’re watching too much Ozark! LOL

  4. Fear not, NYC will be nuked before Paramus.

    1. Hey DoDo we ARE NYC when it comes to Nuclear bombs.

  5. This is very interesting, what are they gearing up for Russia
    To attack us.

    1. Which will require CONTROL

    2. They are FEARing up to pivot to next version of population control

  6. If they nuke NYC I just want to die in the blast than see my loved one die of radiation sickness or starvation during a nuclear winter…

  7. Nobody’s Nuking anyone.
    The only thing being Nuked is the upcoming election.

    Get ready for it….
    “For your safety we are implementing mail-in ballots and drop boxes”
    (or better yet, Vote By Phone)

    USA elections (the Gold standard in the past) and sliding into North Korean Election status.

  8. Oh boy we are screwed .

  9. Introducing the next iteration of “the shiny penny”! LOOK – A SHINY PENNY! Yay! I feel so good now!

    There’s nothing so personally satisfying as being in complete possession of the “certainty of knowing”, even when you are completely uninformed, and often totally incorrect!

    But never mind that minor detail – now you can dazzle your friends and neighbors at all the cocktail parties by displaying your total command of this latest “pressing issue” and ignore all those other ridiculous non-factors in your personal version of “reality”, such as (a short list):
    – COVID (now a perennial favorite – you’ll die before this topic does!)
    – The border
    – Inflation
    – Taxes
    – Gasoline prices
    – Election fraud
    – That pesky laptop
    – The sock puppet in the White House
    – CRT education in pre-K classes
    – Climate change!
    – Student debt
    – Hate Speech
    Etc, etc –

    Have a great day!

  10. Did anyone research the new medical center next to Paramus Park Mall? They have radioactive equipment. So do the Oradell Animal Hospital. They are MRI machines. They was an incident at the animal hospital a few years ago with the MRI machine caught on fire. Those machines can release radiation in those cases. Some states like California for instance require such signs as a warning. Maybe do more research before posting things just for the news caption.

    1. And your dentist has a machine that takes x-rays
      go live in the mountains in a cave
      you have a higher chance of getting bitten by a poison snake than getting a small dose of anything from a medical facility.
      you people never cease to amaze me with your ignorance.

    2. MRI does not use radiation.

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