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One Man Armed With an Electric Leaf Blower in Ridgewood: Can he Make a Difference?

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making a difference against climate change

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Ridgewood NJ, the clean up begins? On the very same day the mesh banner appeared wrapping the RHS stadium field , a lone individual stood against mother nature and with an electric powered leaf blower cleaned the fence and track area surrounding the artificial turf field.

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In 2009 Village residents gambled on a turf field for RHS Stadium , despite dire warnings that the field flooded every time it rained since 1903 some even saying since 1893 .

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While many duck personal responsibility and blame Climate change, many detractors at the time pointed out the propensity of the area to flood and that a turf field would make the situation worse .

So do one man’s efforts make a difference ? Promoters of the Climate Change Theory claim yes and say our everyday actions really do make a difference in the fight against climate change for a few reasons: The size of an individual’s footprint is mind-boggling. The micro dictates the macro. The ripple effect. Still sounds  like an advertising slogan to us and we are still not sure it is the “real thing”.

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18 thoughts on “One Man Armed With an Electric Leaf Blower in Ridgewood: Can he Make a Difference?

  1. The mystery man should be appointed as Grand Marshal for this year’s July 4th parade.

  2. That field has been an embarrassment to the Village since the Flood, at least Brian Quirk has taken it upon himself at least to start to clean it up.

  3. I’m guessing the track surface still works. Why not use it? And let me ask, isn’t there a staff of employees who were hired to address maintenance issues like removing leaves and debris from the track? I would almost venture to guess that two or three supervised maintenance employees could clean-up the entire track and field during regular hours. The school district should hire such a crew of people for just that reason if they aren’t already on the payroll.

  4. That’s trespassing….

    1. He’s a Teacher at the HS Idiot

      1. Unless he’s collecting and bagging them, blowing debris from one pile to another pile is the definition of idiotic. That goes for anyone who uses a leaf blower, gas or electric. Just stick to pushing sand around in your little rock garden if you need your Zen that badly.

        1. Thanks Paulie

          1. I’m here to serve.

      2. That’s kind of a quirky thing to do.

        See what I did there…?

    2. Really? Can’t help yourself from just being an asshole. Do you wake up like this every day?

  5. I at least commend him for getting out there and doing something unlike a lot of other people. Didn’t Ridgewood want to pay some company to come pick up leaves even before they get financially hosed again by the turf companies who cannot wait to get their claws into our Village again.

    1. High school out on the cleaned up path around the field today. Good to see, thanks to a teacher that cares!

  6. Promoters of climate change theory must be drinking Ridgewood water.

    Climate change is a funny thing. It’s a lot like Covid, actually, in that it respects boundaries. It has a kind of honor. You know like how Covid couldn’t get you if you were seated at a restaurant but waited to pounce on you the minute you went to the bathroom? Well, politicians in this country want to shut down all the coal plants for the environment while simultaneously exporting billions in coal to places like India and China, countries which don’t even pretend at environmentally-friendly hogwash. Looks like India gets to keep all that climate change for itself. Woooomp. Woooomp.

    1. Yup. We’re in such a sad state due to corrupt and unhinged politicians who get elected by a generation of ignorant, brainwashed voters.

    2. I love it when the average lay person thinks that they are smarter than scientists. Climate change is real but you can stick your head in the sand it you want to. Future generations will be the ones suffering unfortunately. You want to make everything political, which is sad.

      1. You can take the al gore and the WEF scientists climate theory and shove it up your @ss. You’re a bunch of unhinged m@rons who just repeat lie after lie after lie like your demented parrot or your former prez who keeps buying houses in places that according to your science would have been covered by water by now.

      2. First of all, I don’t know who you’re calling average.

        Secondly, climate change is absolutely real. The climate has been changing since the beginning of time. This planet was once a roiling ball of magma. Not terribly long ago, there was once a 50 foot wall of ice situated right about where you’re sitting. Also, not terribly long ago we used to call what you refer to as climate change as global warming, and merely a few decades prior to that these smarter-than-thou scientists were warning of a new global ice age. Climate change is a completely meaningless term — it can therefore mean whatever you want it to mean. Oceania has always been at war with East Asia. Oceania has never been at war with East Asia and has always been at war with Eurasia.

        Third, climate change hysteria is predicated on mathematical models that examine environmental trends in order to make predictions about the future. Anyone who has ever taken a college-level statistics class can tell you the problems inherent with this approach. Scientists nevertheless utilize shoddy statistical methodologies all the time when the money is green enough.

        Fourth, if you could ever be bothered to actually read what outfits such as the IPCC say in their own memoranda, and not what the hucksters in the media say, they tell you there is nothing that can be done to avert the looming catastrophe. Nothing. Because even if every country not only met their NDCs to reduce emissions but increased them by a five-fold factor, it would still be totally contingent on geophysical factors completely out of our control. Read the last sentence again. It’s all in Emissions Gap Report.

        You can believe whatever BS you want. But if you’re going to talk out of your bonus hole at least bring a little something more substantial to the table other than your fallacious appeals to authority.

        And finally the very idea of climate change *is* political; it was conceived in a political think tank and the reports have been in publication since the late ’60s. It’s not a secret. That’s right Virginia, climate change didn’t come about because some selfless scientist was out stroking his favorite ice cores one afternoon and discovered a shocking anomaly, it was engineered as a political tactic to further a specific agenda. It’s not a secret and not a conspiracy because it’s not hidden. Even an average lay person with basic reading comprehension skills can read all about it.

      3. You really need to educate yourself on the subject of “Climate Change”. You can Start here…..

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