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‘One Newark’ Reform Plan Proves Divisive Even Before Official Release


‘One Newark’ Reform Plan Proves Divisive Even Before Official Release

Superintendent’s plan calls for sweeping changes to address poor academic performance and exodus to charter schools

The public battles over Newark school closures, consolidations and other reconfigurations have started up anew.

State-appointed Superintendent Cami Anderson this week has begun to unveil her “One Newark” plan for remaking what she called the “portfolio” of the city schools, as they face a growing exodus of students to charter schools while grappling with greater needs and tighter budgets.

The families and staff of 15 schools most affected by Anderson’s plan heard details at meetings held last night across the city. Another 15 affected schools are to host meetings tonight.

An internal draft of the plan appears to lay out a sweeping and complicated series of moves, ranging from transforming Weequahic High School into separate single-gender academies to recruiting charter organizations to manage low-performing elementary schools.

There are proposals for “redesigning” some schools, “dissolving” others and “re-siting” still others. But what that means is not always specified, and Anderson’s plan does not give a timeline for these changes. (Mooney/NJSpotlight)

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