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Orsted Debacle, Time to Reconsider Governor’s Energy Master Plan

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Trenton NJ, Senator Michael Testa and Senate Republican Leader Anthony M. Bucco sent a letter to Governor Murphy demanding a fiscal audit and documents related to interactions with the foreign wind developer Orsted after the company announced they were pulling the plug on New Jersey’s offshore wind project.

“With the news of Orsted’s decision to abandon ship, we must take immediate action to regain any funds that were used to subsidize Orsted’s failed wind farms,” said Testa (R-1). “Governor Murphy should publicly release all documents related to Orsted’s financial position that were used as the basis to rush more than $1 billion of appropriations and tax credits through the Legislature. New Jerseyans have a right to know how much of their tax dollars were wasted on this boondoggle and what the administration intends to do to get it back.”

In the letter, Senator Testa and Senator Bucco requested that the Murphy administration direct the attorney general to retain special counsel and commence litigation to regain any money used to subsidize Orsted’s failed wind farms. Additionally, the senators’ demanded the release of all documents pertaining to the viability of wind farms and the timelines for completion of various stages of the project.

“The public deserves to know when Orsted notified State officials about their decision to abandon the project, and whether legislative leaders were notified in advance or if any steps were taken to delay a public announcement,” said Bucco (R-25). “Aggressive, and public, legislative inquiries are long overdue. Transparency and accountability need to be restored in Trenton to prevent anything like this colossal waste from ever happening again in New Jersey.”

Eric DeGesero, on behalf of the Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey and the New Jersey Propane Gas Association,  released the following statement “Time and time again, the Murphy Administration fails to consider the huge cost to New Jersey consumers when implementing its extreme energy plans. “Orsted squandered $1 billion of ratepayers’ money in four months. Unfortunately, that’s chump change compared to what will come directly from our pockets for Governor Murphy’s mandates on electric cars and electric heat.  “The Orsted disaster should serve as a grave warning to New Jersey legislators. It’s time for lawmakers to hit pause on the pending building and vehicle electrification mandates and demand a full accounting of the Governor’s Energy Master Plan.”

Steve Dnistrian, candidate for NJ State Senate, and Assemblywomen Marilyn Piperno and Kim Eulner of New Jersey’s 11th Legislative District, released the following statement in response to the news that Orsted North America is abandoning its Ocean Wind 1 and Ocean Wind 2 projects: “This is foremost a victory for the grassroots groups and ratepayers who stood up to one-party rule and a powerful, foreign offshore wind company to save our beautiful shore, and we were proud to stand with those who dared to challenge the Murphy Administration’s offshore wind narrative – even when it was unpopular to do so,” said Steve Dnistrian, candidate for State Senate in Legislative District 11.

Congressman Van Drew celebrates Orsted’s, a Danish wind giant, cancellation of its offshore wind projects in South Jersey, Ocean Wind 1 and 2. “These Green New Deal style wind farms were bad for our economy, our environment, and would have been a complete disaster for hardworking middle-class families in South Jersey,” said Congressman Van Drew. “From the beginning, these projects were all about lining the pockets of foreign-owned offshore wind companies. Orsted repeatedly asked for additional taxpayer funds and tax breaks, while expecting ratepayers to absorb a massive increase in utility costs. Orsted’s offshore wind projects could not have been stopped without the help of Cape May County, Judge Donohue, all of the fantastic grassroots efforts that sprung up along the way, and most importantly the people of South Jersey.” “While we welcome this news, we must continue to build on this momentum and see to it that the remaining projects off the coast of New Jersey meet the same fate.”


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3 thoughts on “Orsted Debacle, Time to Reconsider Governor’s Energy Master Plan

  1. There is no stopping. the “Green Plan”
    There is no modification to the plan.

    This is a religion, and these people are zealots.

    Facts, don’t matter, only faith.
    they will never relent.

  2. The nj liberals are trying their best to bury this debacle.

  3. love the picture 🙂

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