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Other town install bike racks Ridgewood looks to write tickets

Other town install bike racks Ridgewood looks to write tickets
April 19, 2013
the staff  of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ , While other towns like Glen Ridge add bike racks Ridgewood looks to write tickets .  So much for going green .

The borough(of Glen Ridge )  is looking into the prospect of installing some new bike racks around town, with special attention to the center of the borough, near Ridgewood Avenue School. )

The Village seems dead set on limited the amount of bicycle traffic in the Central Business District . Critics view this as just another case of  we wont do it because it dose not cost enough ., however one would suspect that if the Village could figure out how to spend upwards of $50,000 ,on bike racks it would be done. Other think this is a non issue ,whith some weel connected friend of the council making a fuss.

The Bergen Record is reporting that The village council is expected to continue discussion on a proposed ordinance that would give police the authority to remove bicycles that are blocking public rights-of-way.( )

The whole issue if there is one , looks to many like another excuse to write tickets , especially given the recent spat over “wall building” by merchants in the CBD.

2 thoughts on “Other town install bike racks Ridgewood looks to write tickets

  1. Install the racks where they are needed. This is not rocket science but it does require a bit of common sense.

  2. Use two prime parking spaces at the station for bike racks. Encourage people to bike to the station.

    If bike storage were convenient maybe more people would bike to town. Place bike racks all over town. Isn’t biking something that we should encourage? Have a bike day in town. They shut down the village for a car show why not for alternate transportation?

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