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Package Thieves Take Advantage of Coronavirus Pandemic

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Norwood NJ, Norwood Police Department, advises to please keep a watch on your deliveries and keep your cameras rolling. The criminals are not staying home and they are after your packages!!

Please help us find this THIEF!! This man pictured below stole a package from a house on Demarest Street. If you know who he is, please call the Norwood Police’s Detective Bureau @ 201-750-8623
Thank you!

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6 thoughts on “Package Thieves Take Advantage of Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. What Balls

    Needs an assfull of rock salt in his thieving rear .

    Police should set up traps

    Word would get out

  2. I’m sure this fellow has already been picked up by Norwood PD….

  3. They should confiscate his car and store it in paterson with a free parts sign on the roof

  4. Lets give him a pass as he has his finger proof blue gloves on so he looks like
    Just another gig worker.Germ free getaway .They need to set up traps for
    These people.Theft of interstate parcels and especially us mail is hard fed time

  5. three cheers for diversity

  6. Low income housing and this is the stuff you get. This boy deserves a good old-fashioned lynchin’!

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