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Package Thieves Target Ridgewood Home

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Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood police report that on October 12 th , a Canterbury Place resident reported suspicious activity. The resident ordered a new cell phone and during the day, two individuals came and knocked on their door identifying themselves as working for UPS. The employees inquired about any expensive purchases, such a cellphone, which the resident informed them of such. The employees then noted that there was a vehicle earlier that attempted to intercept the residents package from them. The vehicles were described as white and black SUVs.

After the employees left, a black Jeep and a white SUV fitting the description of the vehicles the UPS employees notified them about were seen near her residence. The vehicles left the area prior to patrols arrive, however the Ridgewood Detective Bureau is investigating.

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  1. and description of the suspected theives

    1. hint: they look more like this truck than some of the amazon unmarked trucks

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