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Packages and Mail Stolen in Ridgewood

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Ridgewood Nj, the Ridgewood Police report that on 5/21/2020, a Ridgewood resident reported to the Ridgewood Police Department that an unidentified man rang her doorbell and asked for a package that she had just received. Although the woman was not expecting a package, she told the man it was addressed to her. He explained that it was a mistake and was really his package. The caller stated that she would hold on to the package and would call him after she figured out if, in fact, a mistake was made. Sgt. Chuck, Det. Cummings and Ptl. Karcher responded to the scene and investigated. After investigation, Mr. Juan Merejo-Munoz, age 25, out of Jersey City was arrested for theft and transported to the police department where he was served with a complaint and released with a 6/5/2020 court date.

Also on May 10, 2020, a Circle Avenue resident reported mail was stolen from her mailbox. The victim reported she believed an unknown actor removed her mail during the overnight hours. The victim reported she will contact the Post Office and make notification of the incident.

Previously   on May 7, 2020, a Doremus Road resident reported a theft from a delivered package. The victim reported an Apple Watch was missing from the delivered package but other items were in the sealed package. The victim contacted Apple Support and UPS because the theft occurred prior to transport or during the transport of the package. The Apple Watch was valued at approximately $500.

5 thoughts on “Packages and Mail Stolen in Ridgewood

  1. In the first case, it’s possible the person’s credit card or financial information were stolen. Quite common to order high value goods and initially have shipped to billing address. Then no red flags to the sender when billing and shipping address don’t match. Once item is shipped, thief calls the carrier to try and redirect the shipment to a different address. Maybe Mr. Juan tried and failed to do that.

  2. Well this all started when they leave the package on the stoop. Years ago we had a sign for everything. The best as you receive registered mail and you never sign for it, the postman signs for it and leave it in your mailbox that’s very interesting.

  3. This system is not working.

  4. at least the criminal was required to wear a mask….

  5. The bell shud be rung and an autotext
    Likely might be done today but some people are actually home but box is dropped no imm notice not everyone has ring bell notification in real time

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