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>BOMBSHELL REVELATION: Valley to Pay for Capital Improvements at Route 17 Park & Ride

>Village Manager James M. Ten Hoeve revealed during this evening’s Village Council Work Session that The Valley Hospital has agreed in principal to fund construction of a 200-300 space, single story parking deck at the Village operated Park & Ride facility on Route 17. Excess parking capacity at the facility would be utilized by Hospital employees.

Coincident with construction of the parking deck, a Franklin Turnpike accessible entrance and exit would be added to the facility. Also, The Valley was asked by Mr. Ten Hoeve to consider funding construction of a salt shed on the property as well. The Village’s current salt shed, located at the Municipal Garage on Chestnut Street, is in need of major repair.

No price tag for the project was mentioned during this evening’s discussion, nor were any representatives from The Valley present to provide public comment. However Mayor David T. Pfund cautioned members of the audience, and television viewers, not to make any connection between The Valley’s current application before Ridgewood’s Planning Board and their willingness to fund this project.

The Fly has this question for our Mayor: “Do you think we’re all stupid or what Dave?”

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>Master Plan – Parks, Fields, Facilities & Recreation – Presentation 10/15

>The Village of Ridgewood and Board of Education, having retained the service of Schoor DePalma of Manalapan, NJ, invite public participation as the official presentation of the Master Plan is made on October 15, 2007.

The development of such a plan is to evaluate all parks, fields, and facilities and attain a ten year projection on their needs. Also included, but not limited to, is the evaluation of recreational programs, and staffing levels.

A series of meetings led by Eric Mattes, Project Manager, included select target groups for their input and assistance in gathering necessary information. They included the Board of Education and its professional staff (Athletic Director, principals, Director of Health and Wellness, BOE Facilities Committee), Village Mayor and Council, Village Manager, Village Engineer, Police Chief, Police Youth Officer, and the Department of Parks and Recreation. Groups also targeted included the Village Planning Board, Village Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Board, Village Open Space, and representatives of Youth Sport Associations, Sports Council, Fields Committee, Community School, and YM-YWCA. In addition, a special public meeting was held November 29, 2006 for resident input.

As public participation is vital to the project, please make every effort to attend this most important meeting; Monday, October 15th, 2007, 7:30 p.m. in the 4th floor courtroom of Village Hall, 131 North Maple Avenue.


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>Readers update the list now that school is in session…

>18. New interim principal is hired and she has to clean up the mess. But instead decides a blind eye to the mess is the best approach – on ward TERC ho!

19. New Interim Superintendent realizes (KNOWS) TERC is a scam but is beholden to his board – and its defacto leader, as she leads him around espousing the tale that it is not the materials. Look at Orchard, they score so well.

20. Since it’s not yet at the high school, reform math is dead on arrival there but instead the school fancies itself with Authentic Assessment.

20. Look for reform math to slowly fade out of Travell and Orchard – not at all. Look for it to fade in your childs backpack so as to further obfuscate the issue while in her ivory tower, Botsford can search for glory on the reform math trail – citing Ridgewood NJ as proof in the pudding – reform math works. And if thats not the case, it will be more of it across the board – further damaging kids. Only when the scores TANK will the school ever acknowledge it. Ridgewood has an inner city adminstrative mentality to public education but the affluent budget – a sham on all levels.

21. Don’t look for the BOE to ever admit that it made a mistake. The board could never begin to pay the price for those children it messed up with their ignorance. Watch the political two step come election time.

22. Look for parents to watch as bright kids do not compete with their peers. But forever marked on the internet let it be known – it wasnt the kids – it was the teaching and the materials and the superintendents and principals were to blame – not the children and not the teachers (serfs in this medevial system of public education)

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Finally: Permanent Restrooms Planned for Vets Field

>Parks and Recreation Director Timothy J. Cronin and Village Engineer Christopher J. Rutishauser recently presented Village Council members with conceptual plans for the construction of permanent restroom facility at Vets Field.

As envisioned by Cronin and Rutishauser, the proposed facility would be constructed as an appendage to The Kasschau Memorial Shell; on the Shell’s west side, facing the Ridgewood Public Library.

Council members were presented with two possible design configurations; no projected price tag was provided for either, nor was there discussion regarding estimated construction start and end dates. It was originally believed that restrooms would be incorporated into a planned concession stand, but the price tag for that project far exceeded budgeted funds.

Further discussions regarding the restroom project, and a mobile/portable concession stand, will be held during one of the Council’s October Work Sessions.

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>Village Council Informally Adopts Policy Re: Water Bill Inserts

>Several weeks ago, the local Geese Peace chapter requested permission to insert a flyer into water bills destined for Ridgewood Water’s customers with Ridgewood addresses (the water utility also serves subscribers in Glen Rock, Midland Park, and Wyckoff). At the time, Village Council members determined that no policy existed with respect to such appeals.

In response to the request from Geese Peace, and in anticipation of the likelihood that other community organizations might ask to disseminate information using water bills, Village Council members informally adopted a “Water Bill Insert” policy during their September 26, 2007 Work Session.

Simply stated the new policy is that no inserts will be permitted unless the message is being sent to water utility subscribers from the Council as a whole. The Council will welcome suggestions for appropriate themes from individuals and/or local community groups, but all content will be authored (and signed) by the Council.

The Fly believes this policy suggests the following: “We welcome your great ideas; however, if we like the message will take full credit by signing our names to it.” What a way to encourage individual and community participation. Nice touch ladies and gentlemen of the Council; nice touch. Warehouse Moving Sale - 3 days onlyshow?id=mjvuF8ceKoQ&bids=115418

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>Reader Says."Valley’s plans are the result of prudent long-range planning "

>With all due respect 1:52, the “urgency” of these palans, as you refer to it, is clear. Valley’s plans are the result of prudent long-range planning on the part of the hospital’s management team and board. They are doing what any good business or institution does to anticipate the level of service and type of service that will be required of them in 10, 20 or 30 years…not just today.

Frankly, this is where the Valley opposition’s argument begins to fall apart. No business manager, board member or trustee of any institution would undertake an improvement project of this scope and financial commitment without being absolutely sure that they will be able to see the project to fruition without risk of being stopped (for whatever reason) after investing tens of $millions 5 or 10 years from now. They MUST address all these issues now.

All you have to do is look at Pascack or any number of failed healthcare providers in recent years to understand how critical Valley’s initiative is. But, before you start drawing unrealistic comparisons between Valley and Pascack, understand that Pacack did not have the stellar management team and board, with a proven record of fiscal responsibility and management efficiency, which has been recognized on a national level. You are all looking the proverbial “gift horse” in the mouth.

But, where your agument loses all credibility is regarding the zoning. While it is true that much of the surrounding homes existed 56 years ago, the neighboprhood HAS developed around them since 1951. More importantly, the zoning restriction have become much more RESTRICTIVE during that that time. However, the zoning restriction are focused on RESIDENTIAL issues, without regard for the operational requirement that Valley faces. IOt is simply UNREALISTIC and IMPRACTICAL and UNREASONABLE to reqiuire Valley to mantain its level of excellence 30 years into the future while treating them like a residence. It is that simple. This an isse that has been been exacerbated by the Village’s zoning restrictions, many of which did not exist in the 1950’s or 1960’s. And it is a problem for the Village and its residents, as much as it is for Valley.

By the way, I don’t know what statistics your are referencing. But, we are seeing the greatest increase in aging populations, particularly here, in over 100 years. Have you heard about something called the “aging Baby Boomer generation”? Nonetheless, it is not simply the number of patients that Valley will serve, but HOW they will need to be serves. This is really the driving issue. The business of healthcare service is changing and how service providers are equipped to deal with those changes is at the heeart of this issue.

One final note, you stated that “remember this is the same hospital that wanted our children to play on top of a parking garage”, as if Valley somehow acted irresponsibly. If you speak with any Village official or BOE member, they will tell you that residents failure to approve Valley’s proposal to build an underground garage below BF field and provide a brand new turf field above it, at ground level, may have been the greatest SCREW UP (my words) in the Ridgewood in the last decade. It would have been a huge positive for the BOE and our youth sports teams. It would have provided the BOE with $millions for needed improvements and/or avoided the need for tax increases. It would also have eliminated the need for much of what Valley is now forced to propose in their current plan. How ironic is that???

If those incredibly shortsighted people responsible for voting the BF proposal down had approved it, Valley might actually have been able to accomplish their current plan without requiring new (more appropriate) zoning. I am sure that those people are largely the same people who are opposing Valley’s plan today. Too bad we can’t hold YOU accountable today.

It is you who do not deserve the our trust or faith. For you have not acted in the best interest of our children and our families. Valley act in good faith then and is doing so now. They may not be perfect. But, we are lucky to have them 5 minutes from our homes. Maybe the Valley opposition should get off its self-righteous NIMBY soapbox for a minute and consider how they can act to correct a situation that they made inevitable when they voted the BF proposal

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>Pease Library Update

>Village Council members were briefed last night on three separate and unrelated topics regarding the Pease Library building.

First, Councilman Patrick A. Mancuso introduced the members of his volunteer group, who for the past several months have been investigating options for restoring and using the facility. Mancuso’s committee members outlined their work, which has led to a possible long-term use interest by County of Bergen officials. The County has interest in using Pease to house the Bergen County Historical Society, which is currently homeless. Mancuso suggested the formation of a four person task team to finalize negotiations with County officials. Members of the team would be Mancuso, Mayor David T. Pfund, Village Manager James M. Ten Hoeve, and resident Frank Del Vecchio.

Next, Councilman Jacques Harlow suggested that the Village Council has waited too many years to restore Pease, and outlined his multi-phase plan to begin fixing the building immediately by using taxpayer generated revenue. It is reported that Harlow is still bitter over Mancuso’s role in calling an end to the Council’s relationship with a possible tenant, the consortium led by architect Jeff Wells. The final phase of Harlow’s proposal is directed at finding a suitable tenant.

Lastly, it was revealed that local philanthropist David Bolger has offered to fund a feasibility study focused on the design and construction of a parking structure in the front of Pease. It is believed that Mr. Bolger’s motive would be to gain parking so that the building would then be appealing to potential commercial tenants (with rental income funneled to the Library Board). Bolger is a known supporter of many Library initiatives.

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>Ringler-Shagin Throws Wrench into “Make a Difference Day” Plans

>Councilwoman Kim Ringler-Shagin single-handedly burst the bubble of Ridgewood Community Center Director Nora Muzio’s plans for “Make a Difference Day” by scrubbing any possibility of activity participants working to raise money for the “Habitat for Humanity” organization.

Muzio had hoped the fund raising theme for October 27th’s “Make a Difference Day” in Ridgewood would be raising money to build a house, as was done in neighboring Glen Rock, but Ringler-Shagin squashed the idea by stating it would be inappropriate for a government sponsored event to raise money for a private organization.

So, back to the drawing board it is for Ms. Muzio with respect to developing an overall fund raising theme for this year’s event.

The Fly wonders when it is that Ms. Ringler-Shagin will just shut up.

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Wanted. Superintendent to lead school district.

>Immediate work needed to be done:

– Restore home to school trust with clear expectations of the school

– Remove reform math programs TERC2 and CMP2 immediately as Administrator should be a proponent of world class practices and opponent of educational fads and failed practices.

– Restore gifted education with a dedicated budget amount for each school and document clear accelerated work goals in each school for such students.

– Restore content and academic achievement as the primary goal of our educational system across K-8.

– Revamp curriculum department to provide world class standards (capable of an A rating by an independent foundation) across all subject matters. Standards should de-emphasize pedagogy and emphasize knowledge to be learned and mastered.

Short Term Work To Be Done
– Perform an accounting of how much tutoring community has provided over the past 5 years. Of importance is the WHY behind the various tutoring and also the personal cost (time,money) spent. Offer plan of action for district to improve upon providing and meeting the needs over outside services.

– Eliminate authentic assessment and document the clear, concise, objective assessment that must be done for the students.

– Dissolve PRISM & Grant Wiggins affliations.

– Make a mission statement of Ridgewood Public Schools to be to provide an education to its children worthy of a world class ranking. And document that world class standards (This should effectively eliminate all dependence on standars from private teacher organizations, wich as NCTM)

– Must be good with large budgets but be sure budgets will now provide textbooks and workbooks to students in all grades.

– Must be able to provide oversight of curriculum and instruction group to develop acceleration flight plans for our top performing students (those that are not tested as gifted but are operating above the group). Ability grouping. Eliminate over dependence on group work; especially in those age groups where inappropriate (K-8).

– Must be willing tackle open campus issue at the High School, violence in the school and holding accountable all involved.

– Provide a strong voice in the community to ensure saftey of student environment (construction for 10+ years near a middle school should be a cause for concern by the school district and voiced by a capable leader)

– Be proactive and open and accountable. For example, provide cost of materials when the local reporter asks for it or hold accountable the department, supervisor, for the answer. Require your leadership team to return phone calls, emails, letters promptly and to follow through on answering questions to the satisfaction of the inquiring person.

And finally, recognize this is a partnership with the community but since we pay for this respect our voice as being as important as yours.

Administrator with an affection for educational fads need not apply. Administrator must value content knowledge and have demonstrated such work in prior districts. Adminisrator seeking glory or publication need not apply. Administrator will be subject to googling.


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>BOE Scheduled to Appoint Secretary for Dr. Deborah Ives

>Although Dr. Deborah Ives has tendered her resignation effective November 11, 2007, the BOE is scheduled to appoint a secretary to her position at Monday night’s Special Public meeting.

iv. Appointments Dr. Brennan


MANAHAN, Antonia – secretary to Supervisor of Mathematics 6-12, effective September 25, 2007, through June 30, 2008. $27,610 Cl. VIII, St. 3, prorated

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>BOE Continues Search For New Schools Superintendent

>From Monday’s BOE Meeting Agenda:

ii. Approval: Contract with School Leadership, L.L.C., for Superintendent Search Dr. Brennan

Approval of a contract with School Leadership, L.L.C., New York, New York, to conduct the superintendent search at a fee of $8,000 plus reasonable and necessary expenses, subject to Board approval (expenses anticipated to be no more than $1,000).

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>ARIJIT MITRA Missing since September 10



*click on the Post title to see a picture

DOB: Jan 29, 1992

Missing: Sep 10, 2007

Height: 5’7″ (170 cm)Eyes: Black Race: Asian

Age Now: 15 Sex: Male Weight: 140 lbs (64 kg)Hair: Black

Missing From:RIDGEWOOD NJ United States

Arijit was last seen on September 10, 2007. He may be in the local area.