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Paramus Park Mall Targeted for Major Housing Development

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ, On Thursday, the borough Planning Board granted approval to R&O Paramus, LLC’s proposal to construct approximately 360 apartments adjacent to the Paramus Park mall, situated west of the Garden State Parkway. The envisioned two-building complex is slated to occupy land north of the mall and certain sections of its parking lot, encompassing roughly 60,000 square feet beyond the Macy’s department store.

The proposal, spearheaded by Philadelphia-based developer Russo Acquisitions LLC, an affiliate of R&O Paramus, outlines plans for an additional phase of construction. Pending approval from the planning board, this second stage aims to introduce 159 more apartments, expanded ground-floor retail space, and the inclusion of an office building on the northeastern corner of the Macy’s lot.

The Planning Board unanimously green lit the initial phase of the Paramus Park project on Thursday. This phase represents an expansion of R&O Paramus’s original proposal, endorsed the previous year, which initially called for approximately 100 fewer housing units and half the amount of retail space in one of the two buildings. The decision to revisit the board this year for an expansion followed the developer’s acquisition of a portion of the Macy’s parking lot.

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20 thoughts on “Paramus Park Mall Targeted for Major Housing Development

  1. Go up and see how developers ruined Montvale…

    1. I’ve seen it. Absolutely disgraceful. Bergen County is just going to hell with the overdevelopment. When the developers are finished with Paramus Park they’ll go after the Fashion Center property next. What is sad is that the town officials don’t care. Paramus and surrounding towns will become urban.

      1. The law makes s are whores, all they think of is “ratables”. However apartments are money losers school children police, fire are a net negative. Of course migrants will get nearly free apartments and the renters will essentially pay a surcharge for it in the form of overpriced shoeboxes.

      2. Something has to be done with the vacant Fashion Center. It’s not like it’s ruining forests. You want healthy properties that add value to the area, not just rotting away vacant.

    2. Montvale is a tragic case. Very sad. I avoid going there. It was a beautiful place. It is a lost cause everywhere in Bergen County which is turning into a big city.

  2. Paramus is done. It’s turning out to be the city of Paramus. Overbuilding overpopulated every road is full of cars, traffic noise, pollution what a shame, from farmland to city.

    1. Totally agree. Time to move out of the area. Politicians have sold us out. It is not progress no matter what they try to tell us. Tired of them trying to sell us a bill of goods.

      1. Keep voting in liberal Democrats… you get the government you deserve.

  3. If they keep building all the housing units in our area, there will no grass or trees left. Just buildings. It is becoming a concrete jungle. Look at what has happened to our village alone.

    1. The politicians in these towns just don’t care.

  4. NJ . . . . most densely populated state in the nation! The answer? BUILD MORE! Personifies the intellectual caliber of this State!

    1. BJ I do not understand, are you saying New Jersey has the highest percentage of dense people?

      1. Funny but is is true highest population density in the country. The state has very little open space.

  5. Bergen County New Jersey
    10 tons of shite in a 5 ton bag.
    Get out whilst you can people…

  6. I think Montvale looks great.

  7. Since many in this town are so cold a sarcastic about concerns of urbanization for this once beautiful garden state area, I really hope and pray that soon the empty spaces in town such N Maple, Valley site etc. are filled with high density apartment buildings and illegals immigrants that have been overwhelming our border for 3 yrs now.
    It is impossible to measure the thickness of these people. How can you expect your quality of life not to be affected by all this development all around you????!!!!! Or is this some sort of sadomasochism?! Why would you buy a house in bergen coming from NYC and willing to see this area transformed into the city you escaped from?

    1. The Valley situation was self inflicted.

      1. Valley thought everyone was in their pocket

  8. We’re pretty STUPID.
    We’ll not fight the urbanization of Ridgewood.

  9. I moved to paramus because it was a nice town with alot to offer. I honestly feel that allowing valley hsp to move here was a poor decision. Ridgewood residences are very happy the expansion did not occur in their town. I cannot imagine the future traffic . And would be even worse if an apartment complex is built by paramus park.
    Speaking of buildings. I never quite understood how a reception hall got approved to be built on paramus road. I mean an average size restaurant is remodeled to a 2 or 3 story reception hall. Those poor nearby home owners .

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