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Pfunds Folly : Will everyone tear down their house and build high density housing in Ridgewood ?


Reader says, “Too big. Just like everything else being proposed. I don’t mind if Mr. Saraceno improves his property – just do it within the rules set forth in the existing Mater Plan. Same rules for everyone right? I could make a ton of money by tearing my house down and putting up high density housing too. Thanks to Mr. Pfund’s ordinance I could petition the town to change the Master Plan because it would be good for me financially. I could conduct a study that would conclude that there would be no adverse impact on traffic or infrastructure. I could conduct another study that would conclude that there would be no additional children in the school system because I’ll only rent to “empty nesters”.

Why is Mr. Saraceno any different from the rest of us? Why should he be entitled to change the laws to suit his own financial interests? Not a single person has made any credible argument that Mr. Saraceno’s apartments will be good for anyone other than Mr. Saraceno.”

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