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Planning Board, Ridgewood restaurant still seeking a solution over color scheme

Titos Burritos


A discussion on Tito’s Burritos color scheme will have to wait until next month as the Planning Board announced the matter would be carried to the second meeting in October.

Planning Board attorney Gail Price notified the board that attorney David Rutherford had sent a letter requesting the application be carried until the Oct. 20 meeting, stating his client was still working on a few items.

Price said Rutherford’s email indicated they were “re-working” things and were going back for another meeting with the village’s Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).

Board alternate Isabella Altano and Councilwoman Susan Knudsen indicated that representatives from Tito’s had recently met with the HPC to discuss the situation and possible solutions.

A public hearing began last month as Tito’s co-owner Mike Caldarella admitted the dark blue paint job on the front entrance was done accidentally, but without permission from the town.

However, some members of the board took issue with the color scheme itself, as did the HPC, which believes the color is out of character with the surrounding buildings.

9 thoughts on “Planning Board, Ridgewood restaurant still seeking a solution over color scheme

  1. It’s Art Wrubel’s world…we’re just living in it.

  2. since when is the opinion of the historic commission binding ???

  3. I love Titos, great food, reliably delicious, nice employees, good prices. Leave them alone. Please!

  4. looks good it’s clean. so much more to worry then this bull shit.

  5. It looks fine

  6. I agree, it is clean, it looks good. The colors are not outrageous. No neon green or anything wild. For heaven’s sake, DROP IT

  7. Absolute bull shit…I would fight Gail and the rest of these pricks till no end

  8. All of this focus on Tito’s, but It’s Greek to Me gets a pass on those intrusive planters. I wonder why? Money talks, nobody walks. Support the right candidate for public office and you’ll be good to go too!

  9. 7:02 is absolutely right. Paulie’s friend Paulie V got away with that no questions asked. They are ugly, illegal, and dangerous.

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