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“Porta-Potty Park” Promoted by the Ridgewood News

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August 7,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood bog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood News goes out of it way to promote the grassy knoll at the Ridgewood train station. In “Ridgewood to shrink green space to add commuter parking” the news uses out of context quotes like, “Generally speaking, public spaces act as downtown magnets that draw people into local restaurants and retail, said N. David Milder, a downtown revitalization strategist who has worked in places like Morristown and Englewood.”

Worse yet the news goes out of it way to quote the usual local discredited suspects like the Conservancy for Clear Cutting Ridgewood Public Lands and obviously fails to visit the gasoline fumed, crabgrass strewn unused patch of dirt that was inhabited by a “porta-potty” and heavy construction equipment for over a year . For a decade the grassy knoll has only attracted commuters fleeing the train station after a long day working in New York City ,because all the quality jobs have long since left New Jersey.

When will this silliness end ? The same folks who promote turf fields all over town in flood zones and high density housing in the central business district with no parking or water are now concerned over what the Ridgewood News called a “pocket park” no one has ever heard of in the train station parking lot.

Next the same people will propose high density housing for the spot , quote the municipal planners who promoted the ‘suicide bike lane” and claim it will reduce traffic , just stop!



8 thoughts on ““Porta-Potty Park” Promoted by the Ridgewood News

  1. And the hits just keep on coming!

  2. I think they should cut Van Neste park in half and make one part parking.

  3. Why change this lot at all? Is the village building a parking garage one block away? Pure stupidity.

  4. This is an ambush piece from the Rags that want to trash the entire business zone , former fred smith site looks like a bombed out block in a ghetto Progress .. Ya go VC


  5. 10:56 is right ..premium parking with a view we can get an extra 5 spot up there on Friday nights in fact let’s put a drive in movie theatre and huge billboard viewing screen at the top of the Van Neste memorial park..they can hold used clothing sales up there during off seasons…lets carve out a quarter acre for a homeless campground..go all in ..thanks VC vision Zero

    Fail ..,taxpayers again..recall the lot of them…

  6. Build an underground garage under van neste and make the developers pay for it

  7. Have about spending some money on the train station building’s both of them .the one on Broad Street and the one at the train station .they both are disgusting look at the windows the rotting right away

  8. Get rid of van neste and making it a parking lot.

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