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Pothole patrols begin repairs across New Jersey



As winter draws to a close this coming weekend, work crews are fanning out across the state this week to begin repairing roads damaged by winter weather. This year’s goal for the annual road repair campaign is to fill a quarter million potholes, about 70,000 more than usual, said acting state transportation commissioner Richard Hammer.

7 thoughts on “Pothole patrols begin repairs across New Jersey

  1. Town of ridgewood.. Surface lots including cottage place,hudson street and near the town garage are horrible with pot holes and standing water,poor /space lining….not very welcoming or efficient use of a current asset generating cash.just from a loss prevention basis ,preventing slip and fall lawsuits …town is focussed on oversized building of commuter stacked multi level for out of town commuters,

  2. North Pleasant Avenue needs attention….

  3. Try the potholes website. I have reported potholes and they did get fixed

  4. The Traffic enforcement agents should be tasked with filling out these pothole reports within the central commercial district..many sit in the town cars and text or are on their cell phones..add some value for a change..does the town have no engineers to examine town roads as we fall into the sewers driving to work or to shop..which seems to be a big focus lately since the coup at city hall..

  5. You can be sure it’ll cost 12x the national average to fix those potholes, this is NJ after all. Lots of made men need their taste.

  6. stop crying, it,s only march. in the past the crews will get them filled.worry about your home.clean it it up.

  7. Ok 9.49..if you say so…some roads are so bad you can barely exceed 10 mph.. FOR THE LAST YEAR.,but it you say it’s ok…we will all go back to our yards and do what you say…NOT

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