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President Biden Praises High Gas Prices as Part of ‘incredible transition’

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Washington DC, President Biden admitted that high gas prices are all part of the master plan and the “pain” that we all have to face to get to the left’s green utopian dream of zero fossil fuels.

Stop fretting about $5 a gallon gas prices  in fact, we better get used to it  because this is the price we all have to pay for what Biden praises as the “incredible transition” to a carbon free world. Sounds to us a little like Mao’s Great Leap Forward.

The message went over well at the World International Forum in DAVOS where the planet’s elites gathered by private jet to scold all the “little people” for driving cars and using air conditioning. The Davos folks know better and  claim that in the future, there will be no cars , except of coarse for the political “moocher”  class and the rest of us will all use “public transit.”

Don’t Doubt me when we tell you that gas prices are going to go higher  and that Biden and his green friends are finally acknowledging this is by design.

5 thoughts on “President Biden Praises High Gas Prices as Part of ‘incredible transition’

  1. Biden and democrats are intentionally inflating the price of gasoline to hurt working class Americans.

    Democrats don’t care about Americans.

  2. Glad you posted this.

    The morbid economy should at least help punish the Dems in November.

  3. So true…. And aggravating. We need lower gas prices for those of us that have to drive for work. Not to mention, high oil costs are a major part of the inflation problem because it impacts input costs at many levels. Hard to believe there are people that don’t see this has been part of the Democratic plan to force the green agenda down our throats regardless of the pain.

  4. In order to lower gas prices back down to affordable levels, democrats must be voted out of office.

  5. This is what happens when you allow one of the major political parties to be taken over by careerist corporate hacks with the psychological makeup of Ted Bundy and influenced by foreign adversaries whose main constituencies consist of neo-Malthusians, work-shy public dole junkies, Gaia-worshipers and other miscreants incapable of critical thinking.

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