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Private citizen reportedly sending emails “on behalf of” Mayor and Deputy Mayor in Ridgewood ?

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, here we go again. Seemingly another communications blunder, possibly an unlawful one at that, made by the members of the “normal” Village Council.

Selected Ridgewood residents are reporting they recently received an email from a citizen member of the Village’s Central Business District Advisory Committee soliciting their input regarding the design and operation of the proposed Pedestrian Plaza. The email is reportedly signed:  “. . .  on behalf of Paul Vagianos and Pamela Perron.”

The Ridgewood Blog wonders who authorized the distribution of this email from a private email account. Are all email responses to this request for information “on behalf of Paul Vagianos (Mayor) and Pamela Perron (Deputy Mayor)” going to be made available in accordance with State of NJ Open Public Records Act requirements? Or is this private email account going to be tagged as “off limits?”

The multitude of communications blunders this year began with posts on social media pages emblazoned with campaign logos. Next came official business being discussed on restricted social media pages. Now this. What next Mr. Mayor and Ms. Deputy Mayor?

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9 thoughts on “Private citizen reportedly sending emails “on behalf of” Mayor and Deputy Mayor in Ridgewood ?

  1. The question is like it has been for years…what are the tax payers going to do about it? Sit back and let it all unfold again? Probably!

    1. I understand

  2. Recall them both.

  3. The best design would be A STREET WITH CARS IN IT.

    This idiotic self-serving disaster is a huge mistake.

  4. Department of Redundancy Department.

  5. Well I hope whichever village idiot who sent the e-mail realizes, is that now since they are engaging in official Village business their personal e-mail account is able to be OPRAed. I thought the twit was supposed to be some kind of a communications guru? I guess if your communicating involves censoring, banning and lying she is an expert.

  6. Publish the email

  7. Didn’t we tell everyone years ago don’t trust anyone that works in Villa troll because they’re a bunch of liars. They get caught over and over and over again you know why because they’re f’ in stupid. they suck. That’s why they need to clean house. Again they got caught with your pants down.

  8. Everyone just sit back make some popcorn and enjoy the show. And because it’s about to get real good. Forget about sweeping them out a village hall, can you imagine bringing in a lie detector. The management will blow up the machine.

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