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Prolonged construction of Valley Hospital’s expansion has potential respiratory impact on BF students


March 27,2016
Dana Glazer

Ridgewood NJ, As a follow up to yesterday’s Valley Hospital video: please read and share p.31 from the American Lung Association’s State of the Air address to better understand the potential respiratory impact on BF students, as well as nearby residents, who will be subjected to such a prolonged construction of Valley Hospital’s expansion.

EPA Concludes Fine Particle Pollution Poses Serious

Health Threats

■■ Causes early death (both short-term and long-term exposure)

■■ Causes cardiovascular harm (e.g. heart attacks, strokes, heart

disease, congestive heart failure)

■■ Likely to cause respiratory harm (e.g. worsened asthma, wors-
ened COPD, inflammation)

■■ May cause cancer

■■ May cause reproductive and developmental harm

—U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Integrated

Matter, December 2009. EPA 600/R-08/139F.

Here is the full document:…/ALA_State_of_the_Air_2015.pdf

Lastly, “The Whispering Woods” public hearings on the Valley Settlement are to take place at the following locations:

· Wednesday, March 30, 2016; 7:30pm; Village Hall courtroom

· Thursday, March 31, 2016; 7:30pm, Student Center Ridgewood High School

· Monday, April 4, 2016; Village Hall Courtroom

· Tuesday, April 5, 2016; Village Hall Courtroom

· Thursday, April 7, 2016; Student Center Ridgewood High School

For more information or how to get involved please email or visit www.

25 thoughts on “Prolonged construction of Valley Hospital’s expansion has potential respiratory impact on BF students

  1. Planning Board: And this is a “neighbor.”

  2. Well, we will have an excellent hospital we can go to and support with our great health insurance when we are sick and dying from the air pollution. We will have the best palliative care. They even often hospice.

    Don’t the Ridgewood residents always look smiley and look for the silver lining?

  3. Seriously? There is construction going on all over Ridgewood every day. In recent years both Willard school and GW have had major expansion projects while school was in session.. Where were you then with your health concerns? Or were you not concerned because those weren’t your kids?
    Okay so you’re against the expansion of Valley. But, please stop with this nonsense. It’s a hospital. It has patients (some of whom are very sick) coming in and out everyday. Do you think they don’t care about their heath.
    You bought a house next to a hospital. The court will now decide if the neighbors interests trump the interest of the greater community.

  4. Am I missing something…?

    Is Valley making some progress with the Expansion…?

    Perhaps they sense that the VC is weak and they are trying to get while the getting is good….

  5. This has been a long time coming and its going to happen. As I always said once this thing gets before a judge who will see clearly through this nonsense the expansion will start. Tough crap that you bought a house right next to that VERY LARGE BUILDING. Guess what? It’s gonna get BIGGER.

    1. and the school kids ???

  6. Everybody can wear a gauze mask and carry a slate on which to write comments in class.

  7. Red and 6:58- You might want to be concerned with what options the people who live near the hospital have if it does go through. For eg. Rent the property to whoever can pay the rent. Who cares if they have several kids, or even multiple families, or they don’t really take care of the property. Become a higher end slumlord, And if one can easily do it, others will follow. That is how it happens. Though not “slums,” take a look at the area around Hackensack and Morristown, or even St. Joseph’s in Paterson. All three have one thing in common: A regional medical center in residential areas.
    The bottom line is that the town of Ridgewood will be paying a very high price for something it really could do without.

  8. As we say down on the farm in Iowa, what a pile of hooey. Concerned about particulates and BF students? Move Rt.17. This is one of the heaviest travelled highways in America and the prevailing wind is from the north. BF is a mere 1/2 mile south. So the first stop for the pollution created by the thousands of cars traveling the highway is BF. And by the way, Valley will continue to operate during the construction process. The patients and staff? Will they be issued gas masks? Mr. Glazer never ceases to amaze me. By coming up with such a ridiculous argument against the hospital, he is either stupid or thinks we all are.

  9. As I’ve been a resident on and off for 20 years (makes me a newbie in some people’s eyes), I’d be curious to know what the area dealt with 30 odd years ago when Valley did their last major modernization… I know there were fewer cars (especially 2 ton SUV’s), kids and adults but some at least anecdotal evidence may at least shed some light for what may be on the horizon in terms of noise traffic etc.

  10. Rurik-Mr.Glazer, like most Ridgewood residents who really do not have to even think to oppose this, is not stupid. He was able to figure out that it’s a hell of lot easier to move Valley than it is Rt.17. Maybe one of Valley’s “experts” can figure out a way to move 17. I’m sure people like you would be the first to try and sell it.

  11. 11.07 is right..they saw the inconsistencies with build it big committee on Hudson Street and drove a Sherman Tank right through that judges chambers..and why not…? This risk was identified on this blog over six months ago

  12. It is getting tedious to listen to the fake rationale on all of these issues. You dont want the hospital to expand. I get it. I am not really sure I do either and I certainly dont trust the hospital because they have lied throughout the process and then sued the Village.

    But can we please stop with the bald eagles, BF air, criminals in the garage and special needs students in the high rises? There are real issues to be discussed, debated and decided. Offering these fake reasons for opposition only weakens the argument. It makes the opponents look like naysayers rather than a group with a rational argument to present.

    1. guess you don’t have kids at BF?

  13. consistently show no common decency..if you met a mom and her kids at church speaking about their fear for their health and tge families financial futures as a homeowner close to valley..telling them to suck it up would be right up your alley.have a great day..spout’s all invective..

  14. 10:05… the issue boils down to there are polar opposites taking the air out of the room… those that want to let Valley expands to its heart’s content and let the HDH developers and CBD reps run wild and those who want no changes, zero anywhere… no apts, no kids, etc…there is middle ground and room for compromise… we have seen compromise on HDH and the garage. It’s not optimal but it is less than the first proposals. Valley WILL expand. People have to focus on pushing for a compromise solution at this point. They are not packing up and leaving. If it comes to one of the polar opposites winning, it’s going to be Valley. Let’s see what is presented in the next few meetings.

    1. what compromise ,when where ,whats was it what was the offer , when did it take place ???

  15. Garage is smaller with fewer spaces and housing density is less than round 1 – 50 to 35… The garage is not in the center of a residential neighborhood and the housing is disbursed in 4 locations…

  16. Do you worry more about the dust from construction or the sky that is falling?

  17. We are talking about 10 years of construction at one of the busiest intersections in Ridgewood. Most hospitals don’t build next to schools. Homes were there before Valley. We like having a hospital in town but like everyone else, it needs to conform and we should demand that they abide by the current Master Plan. Valley is looking to become a noted regional facility. They can do it but not all of it at the current site. They have purchased many properties in the surrounding area. Most of us prefer going to satellite locations for many of our medical needs. valley sued Ridgewood for “arbitrary and capricious” deliberstions. The town held numerous forums and the Planning Board voted 5-2 against the expansion plan. They keep coming back because they have tons of money and paying lawyers poses no difficulties. We need a strong defense and I am not sure the powers that be are up to the task.

  18. Paul, 35 is not reasonable as 50 is insanely high as a starting point. They should have started at 35 and WE should have negotiated. Same thing about a garage that is 5 ft in the street from 12. If my house is worth 500K and I list it for one million does 750K represent compromise or was I unrealistic from the start?

    You are misguided in your assessment that the council cares about anything other than their own agenda, and that if we had just shut up about “smaller issues” then they would say no to Valley.

  19. Bill H. Do you know the meaning of the word sarcasm? Rightly or wrongly, sarcastic is what I tried to be with my comment re Rt.17. Compared to the tons of pollutants emitted by the heavy traffic on Rt. 17, any minor emissions created by Valley’s construction project won’t even register. Plus, if you really care about the kids’s health make sure you restrict parents driving gas guzzlers to drop and pick up their children.
    James, my two terrific sons are a product of the Ridgewood School System, Somerville, BF, and Ridgewood High. We are so proud of the school system my wife and I have supported school budget every year.
    Anon 10:08. Please take a deep breath before shooting off a comment like this. Fear for their health? What does it take for someone to be healthy? Prevention, early detection, and treatment, all made much more achievable by having a first class health system made possible by having a world class hospital in our back yard. Disingenuous creeps feeding the fears of people instead of alleviating them is awful.

  20. Rurik, The point is that the air quality around that area can only get a lot worse during construction. How can it possibly not ? And, if it becomes the facility Valley wants it to become, all kinds of traffic will follow.

  21. You want to know what’s really awful Rurik? This statement by you on facebook is awful:
    “Give ’em hell, Harry, I mean Roberta!”

  22. Rurik 5:56 what a load of crap. VOR ignore this rabid magpie.force be with you Rurik..don’t hurt yourself with that raygun from the outer limits..

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