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UPDATE: Proposed LED Billboard Violates the Spirit of Ridgewood’s Master Plan , Preserving our Historic Corridor

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, residents continue  to mobilize to fight the proposed Route 17 LED billboard . Many a calling it sign pollution and an attack on the very character the Village of Ridgewood . Just a reminder elections have consequences .

“With a vote imminent on the proposed and very controversial digital LED Billboard slated for Route 17 South right next to the Kumon School and Old Paramus Historic Church, both in direct opposition to Ridgewood’s Master Plan which states preserving our historic corridor, a letter to the Zoning Board of Adjustment has been drafted. Please feel free to use this to send to the ZBA if you want to OBJECT. We will also need people to show up in person when a hearing is scheduled (more to come and details will be shared). Thank you!

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41 thoughts on “UPDATE: Proposed LED Billboard Violates the Spirit of Ridgewood’s Master Plan , Preserving our Historic Corridor

  1. FFS, this is on Route 17…who cares.

    1. You should care becasue when Outfront Media, the multi million dollar billboard company gets their hooks into Ridgewood, it is only a matter of time before more and more pop up. Their pockets are deep. As for who cares about it being on Route 17, you want this next door to a school with children? next door to the historic church and cemetary? What kind of a person are you.

      1. Yeah, we certainly wouldn’t want to wake up the dead. FFS. And ditto for the “historic church”. Again, FFS.

        1. If you don’t care, why all the FFSs? You seem detached from reality and likely need therapy if you are okay with a highly controversial 40 foot high double sided digital billboard that cam and will likely contain inappropriate content next door to a school. Shame on you FFS!

        2. So you are okay with people paying their respects to their loved ones amidst giant light up billboard, what kind of a dick are you FFS.

    2. The company also makes regular billboards too and may be looking to get into the CBD soon. They mentioned that at one of the zoning board meetings even reference sides of buildings where signs can be placed. Lovely.

  2. That’s the problem with the people in Ridgewood as long as its not in my backyard I don’t care. Maybe someday it will be in your backyard.

  3. Interesting that Gail Price, Mayor Paul Vagianos’ very good friend who he gave a $47k mortgage with 10% interest to (not allegedly, but actually), is the partner of the lawfirm and former Ridgewood planning board attorney, representing Outfront Media. Did she source this out to help her friend and business owner in the CBD, or did Paul source it out and present it to Gail. Either way, this smells really bad and the fact that the mayor can re-elect Zoning Board members, this should be an instance where he recuses himself for having that power.

    1. Vagianos the mayor could allegedly leverage influence with the zoning board by agreeing or promising to re-elect those whose term is expiring. Paul gets the billboard passed and maybe the payback are free ads on the billboard for his various business ventures. maybe kickbacks (allegedly) from Outfront Media to Paul or Gail allegedly or both, or maybe from the property owner allegedy, Would that constitue allegedy direct or indirect pecuniary involvement? Let’s follow the money trail.

  4. Pretty much the mayor needs to recuse from everything. His nose is in every situation, his finger is in every pot. Sickening

    1. We told you when he was running for election that he would have to recuse himself–but wouldn’t–on countless issues.

    2. PFAS Paulie has his hands in every pot, literally. I think he is able to votre on the re-election of zoning board members too, maybe they will vote this in just to get re-elected. Paul is friends with these guys so assuming nothing is off the table. As a mayor who owns many real estate ventures where stores and restaurants, including his own, are in the CBD, he has a seriously vested interest in seeing that a billboard of this kind gets installed. It is a win for him and a win for his friend, Gail Price, who would get a huge payday from the billboard company, right?

  5. This whole thing stinks. The fix is in! Residents need to show up at the next meeting en masse and call these people out!

    1. We don’t care.

      We are:
      RICH and STUPID

      (and they KNOW IT)

  6. Who makes money from the space rental for the billboard?

    1. I think Ridgewood village does but that is a very important question


  7. The village gov’t is useless.
    Who is the property owner? Maybe we should start with them to stop this.
    Create a protest, look to boycott the business???

  8. I certainly don’t want that type of example sign. It will make our village look like trash. This is not good!

    1. and there will be more and more once they get their variances passed. You see them all over Route 17. They are awful and very bright. We don’t need anything that will distract drivers with ads that ad no value. that is a high accident zone and right near the park and ride bus stop too.

  9. I think the person, or persons that own the property where the billboard is planned to go are in for a pretty lucrative payday.

    1. They might need the money when they get sued. Tons of accidents right there. Mental cruelty to children. We will watch from afar.

  10. While it would be a travesty to install such billboard, isn’t it a travesty that RW voters voted for a full block of 4 a.holes ? I mean you could just look at their faces and notice they promise nothing good. You reap what you sow. All the !d!o.t libturds who put their signs up for VVW and cheered these saviors for unshackling RW from the rein of Susan deserve what this VC is doing. And it hasn’t even started yet.
    A couple of more years until my last child graduates and then sayonara to this fast declining liberal stronghold.

  11. Paramus said no by the way…

  12. ” The character of Ridgewood”

  13. How much annual income would Ridgewood receive? And yes, at a certain price it’s interesting.

    1. None. It would be constructed on private property and would be privately owned. Zero revenue to Ridgewood. No benefit to Ridgewood EXCEPT for CBD business owners who might advertise on the billboard.

  14. The village needs a marijuana store and gogo bar.

    1. There are currently several vacancies, and a couple more on the way, in the CBD and I’m sure either of these would outperform the inane number of barbershop/salons, cookie places, and flower shops.

  15. Het – you voted for these people

  16. Hey – you voted for these people

  17. Dear whoever posted this item:

    If you want the public to respond, you must supply details about how to comply. Let me assist as an interested bystander and resident.

    The document linked from the message, which is the letter we are being asked to copy and paste into an email message (or of course write our own–probably better), is addressed to Jane Wondergem, secretary to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. The letter asks her to forward the message to the entire Board, whose email addresses are not publicly posted.

    1. Thanks, that was helpful. We should all be sending letters to the ZBA and showing up at the next meeting at Village Hall, 7:30 PM on November 28th.

  18. Just follow the money.

    1. Probably goes right to Paul, Gail Price, Jeanne Johnson….any / all of their pals. It smells bad and it seems awfully suspicious that Gail Price is involved in this to begin with.

  19. love all these people who voted for the pro development at all cost , and are now mad there is development

  20. the election of Paul Aronsohn destroyed the Village of Ridgewood , these dirt bags in the council are just a bunch of wannbes

  21. I suspect people woke up suddenly on this when they realized it would effect them

    1. First of all, for your information, very few people were actually informed by the village that this was even happening. Also true is the apathetic response whereby residents don’t get involved in village business because they mistakenly believe that you can’t fight village hall which is total BS. Then leave it to others to fight battes on their behalf and then complain when the don’t like something or say their are going to move once their kids get out of high school which is another lame excuse for not getting involved. It lets our municipal government get a clear message that they will probably get away with most of their sneaky schemes because they literally bank on the fact that other people will not show up and fight the good fight. It isn’t a case of people “waking up suddlenly” it is the fact that this is all cloaked in secrecy. This village needs to wake up alright, but it will be to the reality that this isn’t the greatest place to live once there are high rises and billboards and the parking garage is full to capacit with paying customers.


  23. The fact that the VC is stacked by a bunch of selfish idiots is really bad for Ridgewood. Paul, Siobahn, Evan and even Pam are the bad actors of Ridgewood. Matt Rogers is there to support all of their stupid and allegedly unethical decisions. You have a mayor who is always scheming, and the other idiots follow him in lock step. The zoning board is supposed to be an independent body but who knows whether they are being influenced behind the scenes. Paul could be telling them that if they pass this billboard he will re elect them, who knows. Nothing would surprise me. Outfront media seemed to be clue in to what was happening on the Schedler property so it had to have come from Paul Vagianos or Gail Price, both of whom benefit from this. I smell collusion and it is bad for Ridgewood.

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