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>PSE&G expects to raise prices about 20 percent this Fall

>July 25, 2008

To residents of Ridgewood:

As you may have heard, PSE&G expects to raise prices about 20 percent this Fall, and may in fact raise prices even beyond that – in two 5 percent increments – in later months.

This is being done in spite of the fact that there is no shortage of natural gas but that rates have been bid up by speculators. The rate increase doesn’t give us any credit for the possibility that prices of natural gas might indeed come down.

There is a public hearing to discuss this matter before the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities takes final action on whether or not to approve.

The public hearing is Aug. 18 at 7 pm. It will be held in Hackensack in the Bergen County Administration Building, Room 540, at 1 Bergen County Plaza.

It’s my hope that a group of Ridgewood citizens will be willing to attend this meeting to protest. Or at least contribute to a stack of Go Green emails that I may present to show them your views when I attend this meeting on your behalf.

I learned of this moments ago in reading papers in the weekly packet I get each Friday as a Council member. For the record please note that PSE&G took steps to minimalize the news by minimalizing the type – it’s about one quarter the size of lettering in other documents.

Anyway, I’m passing this on to you for your edification and, hopefully, your help.

Please join me in letting PSE&G know that how we in Ridgewood feel about this. Please pass this on to others whom you know will be concerned.

If it becomes necessary to pass along cost increases, PSE&G shouldn’t be given carte blanche to do that. Such actions should be scrutinized each time since such actions inflict real pain on everybody.




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