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Quantic School of Business and Technology bucks global MBA enrollment trends; sees 40% increase in applicants from 2019-20 for its mobile-first MBA and Executive MBA programs


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Washington DC, the Business School of the Future has arrived. Quantic is reimagining elite graduate education through a highly selective, mobile-first program built for the demands of a rapidly evolving world of work. From our free MBA to our affordable Executive MBA, our courses are designed to foster the sort of deep learning — and retention of key concepts — that enable tomorrow’s leader to develop career changing, marketable skills. Our flipped tuition reduces the cost for students, while solving skills-gaps for leading employers. Put your business knowledge to work with us, and get the career you deserve. Get educated. Get hired.

Quantic School of Business and Technology today announced that it received more than 30,000 applicants during the year ending August 30, 2020. Just 11% of applicants were accepted into Quantic’s selective MBA and Executive MBA programs. The mobile-first business school, co-founded by former Rosetta Stone CEO Tom Adams, and Alexie Harper and Ori Ratner, received U.S. accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) earlier this year. 

While applications to top 10 MBA programs decreased by 5.9% to 53,903 between 2018 and 2019 — and recent reporting suggests the decline is accelerating amidst the pandemic — Quantic is on pace to receive over 70,000 applications in 2020, a growth of 80% YOY. 

“The need for strategic leadership has never been greater — an MBA education is still very much in-demand but the current model feels antiquated for so many working adults,” said Tom Adams, co-founder and President of Quantic. “Quantic opens up the opportunity for rising executives, technology leaders and entrepreneurs to earn an MBA through an approach that re-imagines online learning to meets the objectives of the modern workplace.” 

Quantic students, which participate in bite-sized, interactive lessons and an accompanying peer learning platform,are three times more likely than students in other selective MBA programs to have a product, R&D or engineering management background. For example, over 350 students from Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon have enrolled in Quantic’s programs.

“Quantic’s innovative teaching model is built around a highly effective, interactive, personalized pedagogy,” said Leah Matthews, Executive Director and CEO of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. “It’s a model and approach that holds great potential for online education. We look forward to what lies ahead for Quantic as it continues to test the boundaries of pedagogical innovation to create programs that are not just highly selective, but highly relevant to today’s learners.” 


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