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Questions the Ridgewood Village Council Candidates Need to Answer


April 12,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The League of Women Voters will sponsor a  Candidates’ Night for those running for Village Council . The Candidates’ Night will take place in the Village Hall Court Room, Wednesday, April 20th from 7:30PM to 9:30PM.  All are invited to attend to learn positions on local issues.

Reader says the election is less than a month away and I don’t know where any of the candidates stand on important issues.

Do they have websites? Is there any campaign material? If the Ridgewood News were truely an unbiased local paper they would send questions to the candidates for answers and publish all responses.

I know that the League of Women Voters will have a forum but I expected more. What if the forum does not adress my questions?

What do you think the village should do about parking in the CBD? Do you think that we even have a parking problem?

Do you think that the housing density should be 25 units per acre? Do you think that it should be higher or lower?

How many high density projects can the congested downtown absorb?

Will you challenge the latest Valley Hospital Plan and ask for more concessions?

What can be done to end the cycle of empty-nesters fleeing the town because of high taxes? Do you think that there is a benefit to offer a tax break to stabilize the demographics and prevent an overflow of students in our schools?

Will you ask that all council and committee members disclose all conflicts of interest – perhaps without being asked by an angry and skeptical public?

8 thoughts on “Questions the Ridgewood Village Council Candidates Need to Answer

  1. The high density, and parking garage and hospital are already a done deal.

    Ask Saraceno, ask the village council ask Audrey Meyers.

  2. Why not switch to questions about things they will actually deal with?

    Housing–done. The next council will have no ability to restrict to 25 units given that planning board already approved 35. The next council may or may not even get to decide what is going to be built. I would guess current planning board and council will make sure this is all signed and sealed before July. (thats not a good thing but it is reality)

    Parking–entirely depends on the petition. If not petition then parking will also not be something they get to vote on.

    Valley–depends on the lawsuit. It seems unlikely the next council will get a vote. Either council will fold or judge will rule before July.

    BUT there are lots of issues including your last 2 questions that they will deal with. Water is another. As is further development for remaining unused CBD properties including polluted land. Graydon and other open space remain issues.

    I encourage everyone to try to focus on the questions the next council will deal with rather than make this a vote about issues that have already been decided and that they will not even get to vote on.

  3. We should not be ready to give up on Valley. That’s why the garage petition is so important. If it can work there, hopefully such a move can be utilized to undo some of the other horrific things this current Council majority has done.

  4. Housing is NOT a done deal by any means. Just wait for a few more days, you will find out.

  5. The garage is not a done deal and neither is Valley. There are very specific rules as to when a petition can be used, the garage was one but unfortunately housing and valley are both zoning issues so not subject to referendum. Perhaps there is another avenue to pursue though….

  6. 333 nice cliff hanger. I will stay tuned!

    For the record, my point was that I believe although these things might not be settled right now they are likely to be decided before July. Therefore they are issues that the next council will have to deal with, not issues they will get to vote on.

  7. I hope that candidates answer the questions posed. On TV they often go off with some prepared answer that has nothing to,do with the question.

  8. A good moderator wouldn’t let them get away with that, 8:22. (I know, dream on.)

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