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Rain Does Not Dampen Christmas Spirit in Ridgewood

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Ridgewood NJ,  the Village did not let some rainy weather put a damper on its Christmas spirit . The Village of Ridgewood Downtown for the Holidays extravaganza went on with its usual flair.

The tree lighting was attended by Ridgewood Mayor Paul Vagianos , Congressman Josh Gottheimer , Deputy Mayor Pamela R. Perron,  Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce president Glenn Carlough owner of Steel Wheel Tavern.

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Scott Lief did an excellent job hosting the event for the Ridgewood Chamber simulcast on Facebook.

Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce president Glenn Carlough said he was thrilled that so many ventured out in the rain to support  the tree lighting  and Downtown for the Holidays celebration .

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18 thoughts on “Rain Does Not Dampen Christmas Spirit in Ridgewood

  1. Sadly, downtown for the holidays is no longer an event for families. It is a now an event for politicians to strut their stuff.

  2. Everyone running for political office was there! Disgusting.

  3. Too politicized of a scene.

  4. Our kids had a blast! Thank you to the police and fire departments for a fantastic event!

  5. Wow that’s a shame

  6. Wish it was snowing instead

  7. Glenn Carlough our next mayor

  8. Instead of politicians, I’d rather read about the Ridgewood fella who puts the lights on the tree every year. Not sure but I think his daughter used to help him.

  9. Downes

  10. Wish we could just enjoy the merryment of the season without the political bs. They just don’t care about us residents at all.

  11. Paul (lies) Vagianos is the worst mayor in the history of Ridgewood. Then you have the other losers that make up the majority block Pam, Siobahn, Evan (the waste) Weitz and the rubber stamp attorney Matt Rogers. All horrible for Ridgewood. Village attorney just cares about his photo ops. Why do we need John G in the house. Were Richard Brooks and Gail Price there too (do they even show their face anymore). The Village is in the crapper and if this mayor and council don’t bankrupt this town, it will be a Christmas miracle.

  12. Downes is the tree. The lights by Tom?

  13. More proof that Ridgewood is done.

    The magic, the “specialness” is gone.

    Been slipping away for ATLEAST the last 2 decades.

  14. It’s all played out already.

  15. We went despite the rain. Although I agree re the state of Ridgewood and the current terrible Village council and mayor, I applaud the many folks who tried to make it a success despite the rain. Old paramus church volunteers for example served delicious hot chocolate w a cheery smile and the student ballet dancers in the windows were a nice touch. Plus the light covered fire truck was very nice….

  16. It was wonderful. The Dancers in the stores are a highlight.

    Sounds like some people were looking for negatives. We were with family not politicians

    1. I don’t think people are necessarily “looking” for negatives, but you can’t help seeing that it is turning into a political spectacle. Do we need Josh Gottheimer at our tree lighting? There are lots of people who do good work, not just Downes tree and no one else gets a sign and other special perks that are not extended to others. the holidays should really be a special time and not be turned into a 3 ring political circus.

  17. This village is a hot mess these days. You have a mayor and council who are willing to do whatever it takes to get votes and make their friends happy. The mayor providing a large monetary loan plus a nice interest payment to his very good friends, one who is the chair of the parks and recreation and conservations committees, the other is a partner in a lawfirm that currently has an application sitting before Ridgewood’s Zoning Board that would also benefit the mayor. It is like a large circle that you can keep drawing with parallels on how all of these characters will benefit. The mayor is also able to re-elect such persons on that very board who are up for re-elction. What say you? Is Ridgewood a hot mess express. Therefore, when we see that things are turning political, what does that tell ya? It sure it. Anyway this bunch can line their pockets is what they are willing to do.

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