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Rat Infestation at Van Neste Park

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood blog staff has discovered more rats at Van Neste Park. The rat infestation appears worse than originally reported.

There are currently 4 major construction projects in Ridgewood’s central business district and it would seem that the development is stirring up unwanted guests.

The Ridgewood central business district is already dealing with a growing homeless problem, rats only add to the perception the Village’s best days are far behind it.

6 thoughts on “Rat Infestation at Van Neste Park

  1. You wanted a city, you got a city. The bad stuff always comes right away. It’ll be years before any good stuff happens, if at all. Thanks Paul.

  2. Yes, thanks to the 3 Amigos.

  3. Boy oh boy is ridgewood really sinking

  4. Like we said a few weeks ago the border health needs to get a hold of all these construction site locations and speak to the site manager who is running the job. And they need to put up rodent box traps. And also get a hold of New Jersey transit have the exterminator control the train station. Why is this a problem how come top officials cannot figure this out what is going on.

  5. This is a concern for many of us especially the ones that live close to the construction sites in the central business section of the village of Ridgewood. If they’re wandering around behind buildings alleyways and parks I’m sure they’re wondering around my backyard. And believe me I am not too happy about this. I will go to the next council meeting and say my piece. Because I feel that the village health department can do a whole lot more. In the past going back to health department what is the biggest joke in town if you know what I mean. With all these restaurants in town I see a lack of inspections. I think maybe we should start a residence inspection of restaurants with our cameras , Then you will see many locations clean up their act. Because what’s going on with most of his food establishments they have kids and other individuals working at the sites and they really don’t care about being clean.

  6. As Rodney King said…why we all just get along?

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