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RBSA President Scott A. Muller Misrepresents Facts During June 4th Fields Committee Meeting

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he staff of The Ridgewood Blog
Ridgewood NJ, during the June 4, 2024 joint Fields Committee Meeting, RBSA President Scott A. Muller claimed that the State of NJ’s Historic Preservation Office was “happy” to have received his correspondence containing signed petitions supporting development of the “Schedler Athletic Field and Park.”

In actuality, the State only acknowledged receipt of Mr. Muller’s correspondence. No adjective of any kind (e.g., happy, delighted, appreciative) was used by the State representative in acknowledging the receipt of same (see attached).
Nice try Mr. Muller.

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35 thoughts on “RBSA President Scott A. Muller Misrepresents Facts During June 4th Fields Committee Meeting

  1. You are desperately searching for negatives. Scott is a great guy and has volunteered in Ridgewood for 20 years.

    In a town with simmering negativity Be more like Scott. Be the good guy.

    1. If you say so Scott.

    2. Just because you volunteer it doesn’t make your choices or wishes the right ones for the town. I don’t know Scott at all but all this BS about people who volenteer doesn’t make them better or smarter than others who actually have to work to put food on the table for their families and can’t afford higher taxes for pet projects like schedler and Habernickel

    3. I agree Scott is a good guy but he has zero expertise in human health and hazardous substances (few of us do on either side of this issue). He can advocate all he wants for his field but to argue the merits of the safety of turf is out of his league.

      1. Insurance salesman

    4. Wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, which is not far.

    5. I would never want to be like Scott, such an odd comment, actually. Not only does he have a tremendous ego but his rationale on turf is incredibly stupid. Lots of the parents who have kids are intimidated and won’t say anything. Turning your back on data, even if you don’t beleive it to be true, is just plain ignorant and may have the potential to put children’s health at risk.

      1. You don’t know him at all. This characterization is totally off target.

        Step up and volunteer. Don’t sit back and criticize. Most parents are “too busy” to do anything constructive.

        1. Again, volunteering is great, but it doesn’t totally define you as a person and if you’ve lied or misrepresented as was the case with the survey petition, then you have to be able to take some harsh and honest criticism. It is pathetic, not to mention highly unethical and essentially the same as cheating-is that how teams should play sports? I think not.

  2. He should step aside. Thanks for all ur efforts but its time to let the younger parents who actually have kids in the program take over. There must be term limits in the bylaws that limit the years one can serve as president.

    Go out on top

  3. Actually the state offered their “best regards”.

    1. Give it a rest.

  4. Scottie won’t quit…he’s doing the dirty work for the soccer and lacrosse daddies

  5. This is Field Envy…nothing else.

  6. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  7. Scott Muller has lied from day one. This is the same man that used Dads Night email account to send an unauthorized/unsolicited blast urging members to sign “said petition.”

  8. Scott Muller has a high degree of confidence in his ability to deceive. What’s a false comment compared to the thousands of family he’s scamming?

  9. When money motivated people lie…

  10. Scott is just telling them what they want to hear. Same slime he told people that PFAS doesn’t exist.

  11. He certainly thinks that he is a BMOC that is for sure. I must admit though that it is a little odd to witness the behavior of grown adults in uniforms who will go to extreme measures because they have a vested interest to get something that the town doesn’t really need. There are plenty of fields. I don’t consider an adult that has a pattern of lying and manipulation or intimidation to be a great guy. I guess the bar is set extremely low.

  12. I am going to guess that the state agency is smart enough to figure out that deceptive practices were employed. This is just something that happens in every town when field envy is involved. What I want to know, is who has the “in” with the turf vendors. Those are some big bucks between purchase and maintenance and replacement, so I would assume someone could be getting wined, dined and pocket lined.

    1. Let’s hope the State see through all of Ridgewoods lies. Muller, Vagianos, Kazmark. All have lied at one Point during this process. They all deserve each other.

  13. I would say that most of the Baseball dads who head up these local organizations try to muscle their way through each town and fight for new fields, turf fields, eetc. They all have field envy and then it gets blown out of proportion by idiots like councilperson Whinograd because she wants to please the sports people who look up to her and this would be a big win for her ego as well which is why she is pushing hard. They all try to intimidate and brainwash the residents, which is really sad and really does our local community a disservice as all of these people should work to protect and safefguard not harm with toxic poison. It is a total crock of shit that Ridgewood needs another fied.
    They just want one. period.

  14. This guy wasn’t doing it out of the kindness of his heart. Maybe it started out many years ago for the fun of the game and how organized sports can be beneficial to give kids structure and teach them sportsmanshi, which is kind of a joke when you look at it, what kind of sportsmanship does he or his other sports cronies display in public. Zippo, with their long suffering whining and snickering at anyone who gets in their way. The behavior is disgusting and these individuals are puffed up blowhards who should not be looked up to as role models for our precious children.

    1. Scott was pushing for this back when Albano was president. Albano ran for council as he had 2 members in favor heading in…..he got crushed.

  15. So SICK of hearing about art turf. Friggin go back to grass already. These sports people need to get a life!

  16. The original post is nothing but petty. Looking for a reason to criticize a good person the OP stoops to parsing words. Jealous of a person who is a leader.

    1. Scott is a guy from the south. Okay to bullshit people as long as you do it with a smile on your face.

    2. Parsing words. Nope. Straight on sentences and 2 words-manipulator and deceiver. There you go.

  17. This is nothing personal, and so many comments are just that. The truth is, this Schedler field is not needed, it is jammed into a too-small space, abutting a major highway with IGNORED safety issues. The Village needs to do something (or nothing) with the space, but a ball field should be out of the question. Increase our water capacity, sell the utility, or do anything to solve some problems. Ballfield capacity is not one of them. Generally, the ballfields in town are EMPTY.

    1. Post of the day!

  18. So the dude lied at the meeting by overstating the gracious thank you that the state organization gave in receiving a petition that he generated by “borrowing” an email distribution list from another organization that he isn’t even a member of and where a good number of people no longer live in Ridgewood. Also doesn’t his organization support baseball and softball activities for rmany other towns? Why should Ridgewood tax payers be footing the bill to pay for fields when not all of the kids are from Ridgewood?

    1. Hmmm, good point.

  19. This is the same guy who wanted to change the name of the historic property and said “I hope it’s not named Schedler”.

  20. Scottie why are you holding on so tight. It is time to hang up your oversized grown up baseball shirt, put it in the closet and step aside to give interested parents a shot at running the show and many parents do not want their kids playing on turf. It seems that you are not open to learning about healthier options, and by the way, grass does not require chemicals to be maintained and turf must be sanitized after each game in order to prevent mold, bacteria from bodily fluids like blood and kids often fall scraping themselves on the scrappy artificial grass blades causing cuts and bruises which could then get infected, not to mention the PFAS inhalation and heat islands. so there is a lot of maintenance involved in turf to keep it safe, level and sanitized for all of those precious kids.

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