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Reader accuses Councilmember of not being Upfront with Their Views on Schedler

Save Our Schedler Members & Friends at the Schedler House

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Hache did not tell tell the truth. After he was voted in , he said he walked Schedler and it would not be appropriate for a sports field. Knudsen and Sedon also said that. Because they want the votes of the sports people they are changing, thinking because the field is 50 instead of ninety feet they can please everyone. Well, eagles have been seen their, Knudsen admits that. They leave with human activity, and their chances for survival are slim when they leave their nests. Google bald eagle habitats. Plus the trees themselves and other wildlife. Natural areas at a minimum here already.
And Hache, Sedon and Knudsen will win next election time too, because most people will be satisfied.

12 thoughts on “Reader accuses Councilmember of not being Upfront with Their Views on Schedler

  1. If they leave it alone, that will give a future Council the opportunity to build a monstrosity. Building something small now prevents that from happening. A wise move. A good compromise. Neighborhood residents are happy with the scaled back proposal.

  2. Well Mayor it looks like the honeymoon is over

  3. Lovely picture of a NIMBY crowd.

  4. “Save our dogwalking receptacle and notorious ecodump.”

  5. So is the field now being planned a so-called 50’x70′ field instead of a full-sized 60’6″x90′ field?

  6. 12:16 Is that the story your going with ?

  7. I see the sports people are busy reading the blog and posting

  8. Isn’t Habernickel a 50×70 field….?

  9. Speaking of habernickel. That was a give away to a business ( a friend of Roberta’s). There is a baseball field,- soccer field, parks and rec activities AND a very busy business owned by a private person who lives in NY ( a classmate of Roberta’s ) which brings in camps, buses, field trips, birthday parties, evening dinner parties and so on. Full use of 11 acres…all for $3700 a month!!

    Sorry schedler but once the ball starts rolling and Your Park is created ( no matter what the size ) the possibilities of what could happen are endless!!


  10. Hache supporting the RBSA should be no surprise…he takes pics of the HS football team from inside the booth at the stadium for godsakes.

  11. 8:17, RBSA is mostly a cabal of folks who want a little power base to themselves. They are behind every clearcutting of open space and putting up artificial turf when possible. Even threw a few (hundred thousand) bucks for Chuck’s Stadium. Schedler tract is best left alone or sold.

  12. A ball field and a passive park are usually welcomed in an area that is safe, and non-hazardous. Unfortunately neither is a true statement for the Schedler property. Yes, old ball fields remain near highways. Due to the hazardous air pollution few new ones are being built. Has anyone from the EPA come out and actually tested the air quality, especially at rush hours? Do the advocates have even an inkling of the hazards of pollution on anyone’s lungs? Also, a beam of small trees (nothing tall can survive with such limited root space) will do nothing for sound and physical protection. Look back and see how many cars and trucks have come through the sound barriers. Trees won’t physically protect participants near the highway. Also. are you preparing to add a sound system to the field? Without one, no one will hear the umpire’s calls, or the instructions to take another base, or a kid yelling “I got it!” Everyone involved will have to yell and then no-one will hear each other anyway. Parents from quiet areas of Ridgewood should take a drive over to check the sound. See how close you actually have to be to hear another person without screaming. I think many of you have no idea what you will find. If you haven’t experienced it, you really can’t imagine how bad it is.

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