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Reader asks , “Can we get the landscaper fees reimbursed when the town does not come close to meeting their own published schedules? “


Can we get the landscaper fees reimbursed when the town does not come close to meeting their own published schedules? Weather events happen, build some contingency in the schedule or a recovery plan. This is not rocket science.
The town missing dates is ignored, if a resident does it they get a hefty fine. Town missing dates requires added resident efforts and or landscaper costs. It also creates a driving hazard for extended periods of time
For us, this is our last winter, Ridgewood has beat us at every level from leaves to parking fees, to obscene school costs, and just amateurs running the programs that are supposed to serve the residents. Too bad

19 thoughts on “Reader asks , “Can we get the landscaper fees reimbursed when the town does not come close to meeting their own published schedules? “

  1. Can you explain how the Village picking up your leaves after your assigned put out date costs you or your landscaper money? I guess we can go to a system that requires us to cart our leaves to the recycling center. When I feel like doing my leaves outside of my assigned put out dates, I just bring them over to the center.

  2. No relevant comment goes unpunished ..welcome to nanny town usa..just send money and stop bitching commoner..moving trucks shall set you free taxpayers..

    this crew needs to go..

  3. Time for the seasonal leaf complainers.
    They come right before the snow complainers.
    This year we were treated to some snow complainers early.

  4. Stop the whining…do you see how diffcult a job this is…?
    7000 homes town.

    Leaf season almost over…

  5. Like lambs. Deliver subpar services at extraordinary costs long enough and the masses will accept that normal and attack those who expect excellence. At 40k a year taxes I expect more. As an example it is actually now cheaper for us to get a non resident glen rock train station sticker and park there

  6. Um… No

  7. Everyone relax the weather is actually going to be nice next week the sun is shining get out of the house and go for a walk it’s very healthy it’s only leaves calm down will be OK. Could be worse we could be experiencing whats going on in California enjoy your family.

  8. Like Lambs is correct … you take us for fools ridgewood
    ? after asinine plans to blow up the train stations lot for some mini coopers.. idea sponsored some contractors and
    friends of spending OUR MONEY. CONTAIN YOUR Greed..

    We have real jobs where calculations matter…TOWNS A DISGRACE.Taxes and spending out of control…

  9. only leaves , I burn mine in the back yard.

  10. The village plans for leaf pick up is poorly planned and thus not well executed. Global warming means leaves will fall later in the season and so the svelte needs to be adjusted. We continue to be understaffed and so multiple Pickups are missed. The town looks terrible and it is now dangerous for cars to pass one another on streets. Take a ride through Hohokus.. It is night and day. Stop worrying about what other committes in town are doing, or whether their budgets can be voted on or not and clean up your own village services. Don’t throw stones at other people.

    1. We are using the “global Warming ” excuse now ?

  11. The village schedule had the leaves being picked up before the Thanksgiving holiday. Most of the houses followed directions and had leaves in the street as per the rules severely reducing street parking and restricting car traffic. They are all still there

    Many folks had visitors over the holiday who had no place to park as the village missed all of their published dates. If a homeowner caused this mess he would be fined, I understand the frustration. Why publish a schedule if it can be easily changed.? The poster is correct that if you can fine homeowners for creating a hazard and no parking the village should be held to a least the same standard.

  12. Many of the leaves that my landscaper’s crew had neatly left in the street ended up blocking my driveway, inside a hill of frozen snow, after the town snow plow had passed. This greatly exacerbated the shoveling job. I have now asked him never to leave them on either side of my driveway even though it will mean a lot more effort with the blowers.

  13. As a resident for 30 years this elite program is not working correctly. I noticed in the last two years there’s a big difference in quality of work going on throughout the town something must’ve happened. Is there a change in supervision or in upper management .because we can see it it shows. Definitely a lack in experience somehow someway. What happened to all the old-timers. All these new places Don’t have the experience.

  14. It is simple. We have incompetent people running this town. Especially Village Manager seems to be totally clueless. All services are in a process of deterioration and nobody is held responsible.

  15. This morning Monday November 26 I saw a group of village employees vacuuming autoRaking lawn leaves operation on the Lynwood side of the Vets if campers were due there tomorrow?

    I can not figure out why a ball field perimeter needs any
    labor to gather leaves with automated rakers and machinery while the remainder of the town looks like hell.

    will rain later today so what is the priority for an idle sports field perimeter?

    it was nowhere near city hall or the police or library’s basically december now ?.

  16. 7,419 residential properties and village services have gone downhill ever since Roberta was walked out of her office by Knudsen. Where’s Knudsen now, rebuilding Schedker by hand and charging the Village an hourly rate?

  17. It’ll be OK, it’s only leads. They will get picked up by March. I’ll bring all my lease to recycling yard.

  18. What happened this time. We need a new operations manager With old time experience This new way of thinking is just not working out. Looks good on paper. What a big joke. Next ! Come on down and let’s see what you got.

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