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Reader asks what is the official explanation for why already high Ridgewood Parking permit prices were raised even more

Ridgewood Village Council

James – as I said, I am still waiting to hear to official explanation for why already high permit prices were raised even more, while simultaneously slashing slots and limiting access.

You counter by saying that the same would have happened had the garage been built. But at least in that case the justification would have been clear – higher $$ collected —> Garage.

What is the justification now? What is being built? Where is this money going? Who decided to collect this extra amount? Where will this be spent? Why were fees not cut in further out parking spots to attract people?

The Council has chosen to not answer, hoping that eventually people will give up. You seem to be a very vocal and aggressive defender of all Council moves. Looks like you are on the inside. So may be you can answer these questions?

8 thoughts on “Reader asks what is the official explanation for why already high Ridgewood Parking permit prices were raised even more

  1. My understanding was that the increase was so they could provide lower priced spots for the employees in town. The revenue would balance. Plus by raising the fee they would encourage people to take the lower priced pass and park in the Chestnut lot.

    I totally disagree with this decision but from listening to the council meetings I believe that was the rationale.

  2. @8:34 – Which ‘lower priced’ pass are you talking about?

    Previously the permits were $750 a year. For $750 you could park in any lot any time. Now they are $750 and $1000, with significantly lower level of access for both passes.

    Where is the ‘lower priced’ pass that you mention? Where is the financial impact study for the fee hike with no offsetting cut / spending? How did they decide it should be $1000 and not $900 or $1500?

  3. For employees of businesses in town, at the lot near the gap it is now like $.25 an hour I think.

    Look I am with you 100%. I think they totally bungled it. there is a real supply need that they do not want to address. The result is trying to do all these crazy things to move the chairs around on the deck instead of just building a damn garage which would solve the problem.

    To me, the Church and Knights of Columbus are the biggest users of the spots on Hudson They have services on saturday evening and there is always something going on at the Knights. That is great and I am really happy they are doing well. They are a huge contributor to getting people into town on Saturday night. The problem is they blocked the attempt to solve the resulting parking crisis. A parking lot there would be a boon to them and to the commuters.

  4. According to Jeff Voigt ‘s and Hache’s comments, they think they will make money from high turnround of non-commuter parking spots. The commuters are low priority at this point. Their prize is higher prices and less spots. My question is they promised to increase commuter parking spots at Chestnut and Walnut. Did this happen? Just want to make sure I did not miss the new spots.

  5. @4:08 – So they will make money from non-commuter spots and more money from fee hike on commuter spots. Great! So when will i see the refund on my tax bill? Or is the money being spent elsewhere? Where?

  6. 4:08
    Huge fail on all fronts.coverup narrative as follows .January thru March is the eateries shoulder season due known issues weather,darkness visitor hibernation…
    Sun spots and massive ticket blitz impact..oh delete that last one…we got the shaft comuters and pass holders,..less value means more money..

  7. @5:02. I totally hear you. The town budget is another mystery. I was hopeful that the new VC will be better but I feel like we are in the hands of amateurs.

  8. To eat in a storefront restaurant in midwinter is to sit in one’s coat and endure continual icy blasts from the door. Why anybody ever does it beats me.

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