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Reader asks Why doesn’t he need to follow the rules?

Private contractor removes and replaces Village owned tree

file photo by Boyd Loving

I can’t get anyone to answer simple questions in less than a week.

How did he get verbal permission from Cronin? Why doesn’t he need to follow the rules?

They should have removed the rock wall while they were there, unless Cronin gave him verbal permission to erect it.

6 thoughts on “Reader asks Why doesn’t he need to follow the rules?

  1. Why? Basically, there’s a reason why NJ is such a favorite among national comedians. It’s s an endemic system of organized corruption.

  2. Because he has 2 friends on the Council. If you want to know who they are just search some of his political photo shoots

  3. that wall should come down. who the hell gave him the right to build that. what bull shit. if some one hits that oh well, it should of never been built.

  4. Regardless of Cronin’s permission, State law requires 2′ of space between curb and any object so that cars can open doors:

    Where sidewalks are adjacent to a parking lane, an additional 0.6 meters (2 feet) of width is required to compensate for the opening of car doors.

  5. You are so right. I parked there once and had trouble opening the door. Oassenger had to walk around it to get to the sidewalk.

  6. Perhaps some mediation by our commoners bench at the local town Traffic violation court might give this situation a good airing out as to how and why some can annex the public walkway and curb access to motorists.

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