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Reader Blows Off Steam on Tap into Ridgewood

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Tap into Ridgewood was created at the end of March 2021. Jason DeAlessi (aka “Sleek Media, LLC) is the franchise owner (and up until a few days ago, he was the editor of record. . . still trying to figure out who is his replacement (or, realistically, not)). Every single piece they write bashes the anti-Arohnshon crowd, guts Susan Knudsen, supports JOLTS. 

Jason DeAlessi also owns Fuerza Strategy Group. He was Paul Vagianos’ campaign manager the last time Paul ran for office. Jason and Fuerza Strategy Group employ Donna Abene, Treasurer of the “Paul Vagianos for Village Counsel Campaign.” Donna’s address, in her PV campaign capacity, is Fuerza Strategy. Donna is the Vice-Chair at Democratic Legislative District 39 and Democratic Organization of Bergen County. According to her Linked-In page she has “served as Campaign Manager, Deputy Campaign Manager, and Treasurer on many local and state races.” Add Paul Vagianos campaign to the list.

So Tap into Ridgewood is directly involved in Paul Vagianos’ campaign, there is no denying this. It’s all available on Google if anyone wants to verify this information. Very easy.

Jason DeAlessi is also on the Board of Directors of the LWV. And, yes, that is who hosted the debate where they tossed softball questions at Paul and tough, biased questions at Ms. Hooban. Ms. Hooban was decidedly disadvantaged in the questioning.

A review of Pauls’s contributors will demonstrate outside money coming from the Bergen County Democratic operatives. Note, we have a non-partisan form of government in Ridgewood and there is no place for outside money. Also note, Hooban is a Democrat and has received no support.

Finally, PAUL IS NOT A LAWYER. Paul hasn’t practiced law since the early 1990s. He doesn’t have a law license anymore. And yes, it’s odd that his “law business” profile” says he works for the Law Offices of Pam Perron. I would expect more of Pam.

6 thoughts on “Reader Blows Off Steam on Tap into Ridgewood

  1. Well if Vagianos is going JOLT way, then we need to really pray to God that he doesn’t win.
    If he wins and starts implementing JOLT wishlist, it may be time to move.

  2. “If he wins and starts implementing JOLT wishlist, it may be time to move.”

    Or just rename the town Ridgerock……….

  3. Ridgewood vote smart! MELANIE HOOBAN FOR COUNCIL!

  4. Snake Oil Salesman

  5. WOW . . . I just fact-checked on this using Google this and everything written is true.

    If Paul and his operatives are not truthful during the campaign, what can we expect if he is elected?

    Ms. Hooban owns and admits to her mistakes. Time and life change a person and no one has accused her of “bullying” in recent years that I have heard of.

    Ms. Hooban isn’t a snake oil salesman. She took the unpopular position on turf fields (for them in certain areas but using the most environmentally acceptable materials) and not guaranteeing remote commenting to a Village meetings in the future (because the ARE legal issues associated with verifying a commenters ID. Thank you Dennis Pierce Lima for calling other municipalities to verify that they, too, are struggling with this issue).

  6. Those fields were probably Ridgewood’s biggest boondoggle ever: bad enough for many reasons on high ground, but absurd here. NJ DEP should never have approved them. What a waste of money. And with all the good soil carted away, restoring grass will be hard and very expensive. I know from work done on my property that purchasing good soil in such amounts is close to impossible.

    We may not like to accept it, but our central area is practically in the Louisiana Bayou as far as heavy rain is concerned. And heavy rain will continue to be concerned more and more.

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