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Reader calls Commuter Parking Rates “outright price gouging”

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outright price gouging foisted on commuters too late in the year to explore options in any meaningful way.the eight hour max really shafted those who used coins to do daily commuter payment as option.

Parkmobile means you have to do the 9.55 Parkmobile input from work and test those 8 hours while the Parking police as just laying for those who try to do a just in time on the front or back end of those eight hour max.then you can get a ticket on repeat parking if you try to add an hour buffer later on in the day.

Parkmobile Admin function shows repeat parking to the police.then they write you up on the 8 hour max.meantime you are at work or committing home to move the car to your home.Its all by design folks..the 750/1000 VIP pass extortion for workers who need to take the train where bus is not practical.

5 thoughts on “Reader calls Commuter Parking Rates “outright price gouging”

  1. An 8 hour parking spot is for parking 8 hours, just like a 2 hour parking spot is for parking 2 hours. Sometimes you need to point out the obvious.

  2. 9.54..duh..8 hours is great if you work in town..not the city..

  3. The different lots, payments and uses make parking confusing.

    I can park at Riverside for free

  4. Everything is focused around the Ridgewood Traffic enforcement teams writing the Maximum numbers of Daily tickets .This is the unspoken truth .They will deny this to the end of time/they don’t want your quarters Folks they want real money from you.

  5. And you people put up with this bullshit…

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