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Reader calls Cut and Paste Pro Loncto Diatribe voter suppression tactics

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Ok… Its official (at least to me) The ” was going to vote for Kaufman but I no longer can in good conscience….” poster is either Loncto himself, or a lackey since he’s been posting the same long diatribe multiple times.

Do you have it in a word document for easy cut and paste?
This type of dirty tricks/voter suppression tactics are enough to make me vote for Kaufman (aka “not Loncto”)………………………………………………

“I was going to vote for Kaufman but I no longer can in good conscience. He was totally unprepared for the debate, which showed disrespect for those who supported him, for the public at large and he was a poor example for children who may have been watching. Kids do your homework, it matters! I was impressed that LONCTO took the time to get facts and figures perfectly accurate by writing them down. Major political candidates do that. And at congressional hearings if you watch CSpan you see them reading facts and figures.
But what bothered me the most was Kaufman’s insistence that his having kids in the school system was important. Loncto’s wonderful answer to that was: All the children in the school system are my children. I care about all of them (not perfectly accurate quote; I didn’t write it down!). Kaufman’s insistence that kids of school age are a major qualification to serve on BOE revealed a person who is biased, prejudiced and discriminatory. A person who is likely to exclude rather than include people, certainly on the basis of age, possibly race and gender also. I don’t trust him. I am a senior citizen; I belong to Age Friendly Ridgewood and I am sensitive to age discrimination, called Ageism. Kaufman certainly demonstrated that prejudice. I have a relative, a renowned PHD CHILD psychologist who was never married and didn’t have children throughout most of her career. What she did have was knowledge, and empathy, and she was a human being. Human beings can remember childhood at any age. Human beings must not be put into categories that prevent them from actualizing themselves and contributing to our society because of age, race, gender or anything else. Kaufman may be able schmooze well at a coffee, but that doesn’t count for me.”

7 thoughts on “Reader calls Cut and Paste Pro Loncto Diatribe voter suppression tactics

  1. James, you chose not to post my comment under the posting: LONCTO HAS TO GO: Here is my comment:

    “I was going to vote for Kaufman but no longer can in good conscience” is not Loncto or a lackey. It is me an elderly woman resident of 40 years here. I feel offended that an elderly person who no longer has kids in the school system but keeps up with current events and local issues would be excluded from being on the BOE, according to Kaufman, because he or she no longer has young kids. Kaufman is guilty of discrimination, ageism and leaving out every category of person who does not have kids in school. In plain words he is ignorant; he is one who excludes people not includes people. I cannot vote for a stupid ignorant man. He did show disrespect for residents of Ridgewood by not being at all prepared. It was embarrassing. On the other hand, when Loncto said: All the children in the school system are my children, I thought that was wonderful. I am a thinking and feeling human being an individual who forms her own opinion, and to HELL with belonging to any group. Yes, I know Loncto can be contemptuous and arrogant with residents at BOE meetings. NO I would not have passed the last school budget; it was wrong. But Kaufman is too incompetent for me.
    November 4, 2018

  2. I would hardly call posting a comment on The Ridgewood Blog voter suppression tactics.

    Sorry, James many people read your blog but online comments are the modern day equivalent of water cooler talk NOT voter suppression.

  3. Confused…I did see this reply in the blog.

  4. Diane Palacios, not interested

  5. Diane has posted this comment multiple times.
    I don’t know how she can claim her post is being suppressed.
    Maybe she needs to increase her attention deficit meds ??

  6. I Diane never claimed my comment was suppressed. Someone claimed that my anonymous comment was not written by me, but rather by Loncto or his Lackey to suppress votes for Kaufman. I refuted that in another comment. But James posted the comment that said Loncto or a lackey wrote my comment. So I again refuted the comment and identified myself as writer of comment. Thank goodness it will all be over tomorrow.

  7. Q: Diane – Are you a Loncto lackey?

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