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Reader Calls full day kindergarten gross overreach for the state to mandate


Everything that the council is doing affects our schools

Schools are the largest part of our tax bill – that is a fact. That does not mean that the schools are not accountable.

It will be a gross overreach for the state to mandate full day kindergarten. I am starting to agree with Rick Perry that we need to abolish the Department of Education. Government is best which governs least.

Many parents actually enjoy spending the AM/PM with their children. We had activites and time with friends when the kids were in kindergarten. My kids did very well in elementary school, high school and college. Your kids will not go to Harvard because they had full day kindergarten.

NYC has preschool and middle school after care programs. The need for these programs in a city is not the same as for programs in Ridgewood. In the city the schools are the place where many students receive two meals a day and get health screening. Working parents do not have the time for homework and reading to the kids. Children need the time in school as a social safety net.

I paused my career to be home with my kids and never regretted it. If working parents need babysitting then they should hire someone. My taxes should not go to support someone’s child care needs. Maybe dad/mom can work from home or with flex time. You will never look back and say that you wished that you spent more time at work.

6 thoughts on “Reader Calls full day kindergarten gross overreach for the state to mandate

  1. If they wish to mandate then the state should supply the funds.

  2. State supplies the funds? Nope. We pay the taxes. We supply the funds.

  3. What is the purpose of the State Dept of Education?

    They should not be mandating curriculum or social policy. The need for full day K should not be shared by all residents. Saying that all the other districts have it is arguing like a 12 year old. It will not do anything for long term outcomes. Show me a study thay shows that full day K has an impact on 5th grade performance – in a middle class school. In urban districts kids need supervision, two meals and medical screening. What does a kid in a J district gain?

    First grade teachers like it because the students will already be familiar with the longer day and routine. Parents who work want free child care.

  4. Can’t we just get it over with and sign over the children to the state right from the delivery room?

    (Isn’t that hidden on page 1672 of Obamacare??)

  5. They take our tax money and use it to support struggling districts. That is fine. They should not try to run successful districts.

    government that governs best governs least

  6. My children attended excellent colleges – they did not have full day kindergarten and I did not send them for afternoon enrichment. It sounds shocking, I know.

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