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Reader Calls Homeless At Ridgewood Train Station “Fake News”

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“Fake news. Professional actor placed by the anti-garage zealots trying their best to force the narrative. Nice try. We’re building and moving forward.
And there’s nothing you can do about it.”

others disagree……………………………

“Yes early hours at the train station and bus station do you have individuals sleeping through the night and hang around all day long. This is not an actor. So please stop your bullshit. We had enough of it. The village of Ridgewood is not what are used to be. Way too much bullshit going on especially from the top it’s amazing do you think we are really stupid. Stop lying to our face. Everybody knows do not trust village hall anymore. Do you people do whatever the hell you think you can do. The party’s over, for now on we just contact our lawyer. That’s all. Maybe I’ll see you in court and on the news. Don’t try It anyone .”

“Bullshit, I see people wandering around early hours of the morning. This shits been going on for a long time. Look at the bus station there’s always some cuckoo birds sleeping and hang around people all day long. No actor. Some of you long time Ridgewood residents need to pull your head out of your ass.”

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10 thoughts on “Reader Calls Homeless At Ridgewood Train Station “Fake News”

  1. Those work boots look pristine. Just an observation.

  2. As the person who took the photo, I can only say that there was nothing fake about it. The guy wasn’t waiting for a train, as two trains stopped in front of him while I was there and he didn’t budge. Also, he stunk pretty badly, so I doubt he was on his way to work. That coffee he has was a gift from a bleeding heart commuter.

  3. Professional actor, who is he.

  4. Keep smoking that stuff everything will just be fine.

  5. Those jeans look pretty grungy… they must be those $2000 dirty jeans from Nordstoms.

  6. The village of Ridgewood is one of the richest town in Bergen County. And yet they don’t do much for people that need daily help. How about a soup kitchen in town. Yeah I know we don’t need that. Start helping people that need it. What a shame.

  7. I see same bums at the station in the morning on and off. They chill inside as trains roll by. If you wanna get more details ask the lady selling coffee.

  8. This unfortunate segment of society will always gravitate to the points of least resistance. It’s why we have huge homeless populations in places like LA, San Francisco, NYC, etc. What starts as promoting a trend of care and compassion turns into a major problem where it becomes a health crisis.

    Yes, I realize that this is not San Francisco and little Ridgewood will not become overrun with homeless juinkies, but I’m just saying that if you allow your liberal sensibilities to overlook or even coddle these people, it will quickly become a serious issue.

  9. This is what happens when you put a bunch of libtards in power. Classic.

  10. People! People! It was me. John Travolta. I’m doing a new Quentin Tarantino movie and I needed to get into the moment

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