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Reader claims, “Ridgewood’s young people are far from being “spoiled brats”

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photo by Boyd Loving

“Many of these young people take this issue very seriously and are willing “to get up early” to support it. I’m sure they will be telling tales about it when they get older. As long as they do it in a proper manner and respecting all appropriate laws, let them be. However, the fact that the Officers felt the need to show up is proof that too many are “fake protesters, just trying to see how much attention they can get by being rowdy and, in some cases, actually dangerous.”

Everyone keeps telling them to “get jobs”. the question during this pandemic is “Where?” Adults can’t find jobs and all the summer jobs for teens, and regular jobs for older youth, are gone. Our recent college graduate has been searching since March. Fortunately, her older brother and sister have been able to keep the ones they’ve had since they have graduated. Offer these protestors a job and see how many will jump to take it–they’re not all “spoiled Ridgewood brats” and the majority of Ridgewood’s young people are far from being “spoiled brats”. Look at all the volunteer work they do and all the help they’ve provided to the Seniors Citizens in Ridgewood esp. during this pandemic. Remember, all you grouches were teens once. Were you always angelic?”

16 thoughts on “Reader claims, “Ridgewood’s young people are far from being “spoiled brats”

  1. The package of lies these kids are spreading have mayors ordering police forces to stand down and this is giving criminals free reign all over the nation and innocent people are getting hurt and killed as a result. These sweet, non spoiled children are insulated from this violence they are promoting. So this is what people mean when they call these kids spoiled. It’s not the minor offenses of marchers that we are worried about. We are about a break down of civility. Right now the unemployed are being sent checks and being allowed to not pay rent. What happens when those checks no longer pay the bills and they finally get kicked out of their houses? These virtue signalers may not be as insulated as they now trust.

  2. Can we find out who this kid is…?

    His parents must be so proud (tongue in cheek)….

  3. Sorry to say it but people in ridgewood need to get out of their bubble and go look at the real world. Eventually the consequences of not adapting to the times in a town like this will catch up to us big time. While the sign is an extreme, these kids aren’t really asking for anything that will change the way you go about your life. They’re asking for more awareness of systemic racism in schooling and policing. I just left RHS in 2019 and I would agree, to a certain extent, that for most students there is a lack of education to bridge the racial divide that exists. I disagree that history should be taught as an Afro-centric curriculum but more could be done. To sit in ridgewood and to just immune from the uprising across america would be a big big mistake.

  4. “systemic racism” the Democratic party, progressive-ism and modern liberalism

  5. Woodrow Wilson I respectfully disagree. I go to a large school in the Midwest that is predominantly White (3% African American) and it is beyond clear that systemic racism is more than as you stated “progressivism”. It’s a problem

  6. Some of these little dummies should Google Cardi B lyrics. (can’t be posted on this site)
    Then tell me the problem with minorities is systematic racism.
    The little dummy “College student” should get out of his bubble.
    Google BLM website and do some reading.
    Google the report from Pat Moynihan on “The Negro Family” written in 1972.
    Get out of the bubble of CNN & MSNBC.
    Do some of your own research.

  7. BLM pays “active” protestors $20/h. For as long as ppl are paid more to not work than work, we’ll have clowns marching on the streets, demanding reparations. And let’s be clear, dear readers, BLM is not about “awareness,” it’s about $. Just like everything else in this country. Morons who claim otherwise must be so stuck in a bubble that they don’t realize that the rest of us are well aware that there’s inequality and certain demographics are less welcome in certain neighborhoods, etc. We don’t need zero experience kids to tell us what we already know.

  8. Someone above said: “Woodrow Wilson I respectfully disagree. I go to a large school in the Midwest that is predominantly White (3% African American) and it is beyond clear that systemic racism is more than as you stated “progressive”. ”
    Do you have any data to back your claim that black people have applied and been refused to get into school? Facts please. Otherwise you’re just a propaganda megaphone.
    I lived in the Bronx for 20 yrs. I had a HS nearby with 80% of student base blacks and hispanics. Does this mean whites were being discriminated against?

  9. The kids have been programmed since kindergarten by many of these liberal, socialist teachers. Is it any wonder that they march when they receive orders from the progressives. There is no critical thinking being applied, just talking points to follow. Years of ‘do it for the kids’ have produced a crop of mind-numb robots.

  10. And it’s all your fault….

  11. It’s time to bring back the draft.

  12. If the college student thinks there is systematic racism against blacks, then she is in the bubble. It’s a lie that you have been made to believe. It’s a lie that is meant to expand a gap between black and white not narrow it. It’s a lie that has already resulted in widespread violence and it’s going to get worse. You are an adult now and you are responsible for the ideas you give currency.

  13. Seattle Black Lives Matter is now marching through residential neighborhoods ademanding white people give up their houses and let blacks move in.

    Can we check with the all-white leadership, member base and sympathizers of Ridgewood BLM when they will be vacating their houses? I know of some very deserving families from Paterson who would love to move in!

  14. The photo accompanying this post of a young man holding a sign stating “Yeah, sex is cool but have you ever f**cked the system” has me confused. I believe the impetus for the nationwide outrage following the tragic death of George Floyd was the beginning of what, back in the day, was called “taking it to the streets.” Since Memorial Day streets all around the nation have been full of protesters, peacefully demonstrating, making demands, as well as rioting without a central cause. For example, a blanket statement that black lives matter cannot only be taken in the context of policing, but also personal accountability in black on black crime. Accusations of “systemic racism” must carry with it specific examples of the perceived injustice in an institution or by an individual which brings me back to the young man carrying the sign. If he is calling on others to “f**k the system” it appears he is neither a brat nor an activist but simply someone who has not put in the time to understand what he is protesting, nor does he have a clue going forward. The Civil Rights Movement in the ’60’s, the protests that led to the end of The Vietnam War (do they even learn about that war in school?), the Women’s Movement just to name a few brought real change to America. It is “the system” that has allowed our Constitution, a living, breathing document to provide the framework to form a more perfect union. Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work…

  15. “Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work…”

    Just, by all means, do not make a fuss about anything. Keep quiet about injustices you’re working to stop. Go to sleep. Sleep.

  16. Maybe they can go to Paterson or Newark and show their support

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