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Reader claims Vagianos owns this town !


Gosh, it is impossible to criticize this mayor or VC without being called names or even worse being named an Aronsohn supporter. I like Susan, her husband also is a noble man. I want her to succeed for her sake and also for ours so Aronsohn & Co do not come back and that’s why I criticize. It is not too much to ask for better streets, lighting etc. These are items that affect everyone.
One thing I have learned during my life in Ridgewood is that Vagianos owns this town.

11 thoughts on “Reader claims Vagianos owns this town !

  1. Spot on.

  2. The wall says it all.

  3. If he had an ounce of decency, he would take the wall down and stop causing such a stir. The wall obviously obstructs pedestrians and narrows an already narrow walk way. Add the tables, chairs, wait staff, patrons…common sense…and take the sh*t down voluntarily Vagianos.

  4. And by the way, which one’s Pink?

  5. It’s funny all the complaining about the wall.
    Has anybody ever brought it up to the council or planning board to discuss it’s legality??
    Everybody says it’s illegal, but is it? It seems the right people don’t care or are indeed owned by PV.
    The poor sheep from the bedding store was ka-bobbed, but this is ignored.

  6. It’s also very ugly.

  7. He owns 4 council members. Only 1 has guts to say “no” to him.

  8. Runs the village in what sense? He pushed the wall through via after-the-fact approvals engineered by the previous regime. His monster garage and political ambitions have fallen flat. Hard to see that apart from media coverage he has any meaningful influence on how the village is managed. He should stick to what he does best–selling mediocre Greek food.

  9. No big fan of “The Wall”
    But if you want to be fair, drive around and take a fair look at all of the other “structures” in the CBD.
    For the record, very happy we won’t be calling him Assemblyman.

  10. 12:21pm – he and another local builder are still the driving force for the garage @ hudson st. Four council members are supporting their effort.

  11. the Garage at Hudson Street has to be stopped..once and for all.

    ITS THE TIPPING POINT FOLKS..after that anything goes…

    Go look at Morristown ,Englewood…Bloomfield… open season for anything
    any type or rental housing
    after a raised garage goes up…School costs will sink us all..

    Those who stick around with kids in
    schools …in mortgaged houses..

    same circular arguments for any need for any raised garage..
    a self fullfilling nightmare…merchants going broke anyway due to Amazon…that won’t change for any creative geniuses..sears is folding up shope in GS MALL.

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