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Reader comments on schools , “The parents need to wake up to the fact that they are being had.”

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“I’ve seen some of those kids in the village and the park. Having been a misbehaving kid myself (and grown up ok), I’m less troubled by the above story. Kids of all stripes do silly stuff. They need their asses kicked to remind them who’s in charge. I do wholeheartedly agree on 2 points:

1. schools, even good ones like RDWD, need to tone down the preaching. Marxist BS doesn’t work and has no place in school. Focus on academics.

2. Schools need to open full time come fall. The union’s actions are disgraceful, targeting kids on a pretext of “safety.” What a joke. Who do they think they are? I don’t see grocery store cashiers protesting for “safety” even though they are way more exposed. Ditto for truck drivers who bring our food, amazon delivery, etc etc. I’ve lost any respect for the Union after this. The BOE need to start taking action on behalf of taxpayers. This is ridiculous. I’ve just received the fall schedule promo presentation from the school. A silly schedule that follows no logic and a ton of marketing material, inc video interviews. Our educators fancy themselves college professors or Fortune 500 salespeople, with all that pomp. They are not. They are paid a ton of money to deliver basic education to young kids. This entails being with kids! Not sitting at home on zoom. The parents need to wake up to the fact that they are being had.”

5 thoughts on “Reader comments on schools , “The parents need to wake up to the fact that they are being had.”

  1. People need to wake up to the fact that the teacher’s union has never cared about their kids at all.

  2. I recall Trader Joe’s closed for a cpl of days after someone got tested positive during the height of the pandemic. Re-opened in no time, like nothing happened. Now running like well-oiled machine. Why? No union. Just hard-working employees and smart management focused on customer experience and resilience of the business.

    We should have signs on our lawns praising Trader Joe’s minimum wage heroes more than anyone. They are the true heroes who carried hundreds of village households through pandemic!

  3. I am Anonymous, and I approve this message….

  4. What happened to the Ridgewood Schools ? I went there graduated HS 1990. What happened since then? Do I stay in ridgewood to raise my kid or is it all BS now?

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