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Reader Goes Off on the Idea of “Buying Extra Credit”

Dan Fishbein 10

After watching the video, I was dismayed at our Superintendent’s ingenious explanation of “extra credit” as not an “academic credit” but merely a reward for the “most boxtops, etc” turned in. A reward benefits the class and they do “get something extra but it is NOT A HIGHER GRADE!” He also states “that extra credit has been awarded for decades” which is an accurate statement only if you do not count “extra credit” as a grade point issue. He is trying to pass it off as “One of those things that has always been done”. by including class rewards THAT DO NOT INCLUDE GRADE POINTS but are merely “rewards”.

Winning ice cream or pizza for your class has nothing to do with an individual child getting “extra credit” in his/or her grade point average! I know for a fact that this extra credit for something that is not awarded to a student who has actually asked for and done. (Which the woman who brought this up stated that her child had been refused any credit for extra academic work –probably because “it was too late” for the teacher to take the extra time to grade it– but could have gained it by having fun and doing NO EXTRA WORK.) I also know that this method for gaining “extra grade credit” was not done before 1996 as before that we had children and grandchildren in the system and I was usually Grade Mother so I would definitely have heard about “extra credit for grades being given for non academic work ” and raised a stink at that time. I was also in constant contact with parents for a large number of years after that.

I see Dr. Fishbein started in 2008. I challenge him to provide proof of “extra credit for something not academic” being awarded before he took over. And going to a concert or a play is not “academic” unless a report is required after viewing it. Going to a Museum on other than a school trip is for fun. It cannot become “academic credit” without something academic being submitted for “extra credit”. Regardless how our Superintendent is attempting to smooth it over and cover it up by saying the “rewards that a whole class gets” are actually a form of “academic extra credit”. And the “Tissues bit for extra academic credit” is absolutely unbelievable!!! Students HAVE been asked to bring “tissues”–NEVER for extra academic credit”– in for the decades our Superintendent quoted for “non-academic extra credit”.

But they were “asked”, not told their grade would be lowered if it was a hardship for them to bring them in. Most students do bring them in so they won’t be singled out as different from the other classmates, but everybody knows that some parents send in quantity several times a year and some only bring the allotted “suggestion” of a 3-pack once. And I’m going to make an inexcusable comment here–Did anyone who has lived here for any length of time think that maybe the gradual decline in the “Tradition of Excellence” could be possibly caused by the new tradition of awarding children for participation so that everyone can get an athletic or other trophy so they aren’t singled out as “maybe not being the best”? And, apparently under Dr. Fishbein they are being awarded extra academic credit without doing any extra work. And a last nasty shot, How does Dr. Fishbein KNOW “It’s been going on for decades” if he claims to have just heard of it now?

7 thoughts on “Reader Goes Off on the Idea of “Buying Extra Credit”

  1. I graduated in 86, extra credit was academic not monetary.

  2. The schools & SAT scores have only declined under Fish. Time to change after 11 years of failed leadership. Too bad our BOE doesn’t understand leadership or good governance.

  3. Giving school credit of any kind in exchange for money is unacceptable and probably illegal. The practice should be stopped immediately, no matter how long it has supposedly been in place.

  4. Tissues?

  5. The good dr. has been past due in replacement. Time to clean house.

  6. Tissues were presented in some comments from people who actually claimed they were worth academic credit!

  7. This guys like a fish out of water….
    useless tool

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