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Reader Reminds Residents , the “Child” is 22

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“Why do we have so many bleeding hearts in our communities? If it is a “child–even if said “child” is 22–people can’t wait to slam the police for picking on a “kid”. Doesn’t matter if said “kid” is from out-of- state, or if they are no longer a “kid” except in attitude–these “poor little darlings” are being unjustly picked on. Who cares if they endanger others with their unsafe walking, or biking? Doesn’t matter if Police in various towns have warned them already and they are still breaking laws by the time they get to our community. Nothing matters to these individuals except that “a kid is being unjustly picked on” by these “nasty old Police who should certainly know better than to accuse “a child” of anything. These are the same individuals whose “darling child could never do a wrong” and thus other parents must have raised a child who can do no wrong either–unless it is said parents’ child who is being “picked on” by someone else’s “brat”. (Bet, if these people are actually parents they have no more than 2 “adored” children–with more children (or with the brains God gave them) a parent soon realizes that the world is not always rosy nor filled with “sweet little children”. What will it take to have these “highly indignant” individuals get out of their dream world and into understanding reality?”

One thought on “Reader Reminds Residents , the “Child” is 22

  1. What happened to Ridgewood? LIBERALS.

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