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Reader says Fair Share Housing has taken hostage a whole state


“This is beyond ridiculous. FSH has taken hostage a whole state . The market should decide who can buy a house where. Government should not interfere here and neither should a ghost organisation such as FSH. If you can’t afford to live in RW go live in Waldwick or some other area that suits you. I would love to live in Saddle River but can’t afford so I found a place I could afford in RW. This kind of policy is destroying all the nice and beautiful suburbs in NJ. I just can’t get why FSH has so much power and why residents have no say in this but are threatened into submission. The only mayors who are vocal about this craziness are Scotch Plains and Englewood Cliffs. These guys have balls and speak for their constituents.
And yes all the new structures being built across the area are from the same exact set of drawings. They look like correction facilities.”

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