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Reader says for North Jersey Media Group “mass layoffs are imminent”

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North Jersey Media Group, which publishes The Record and the Herald News, announced last month that 141 employees will receive layoff notices. The company reported the layoffs on its website, North Jersey Media Group announced last year that 426 employees will receive notices required by New Jersey state law when “mass layoffs are imminent.

6 thoughts on “Reader says for North Jersey Media Group “mass layoffs are imminent”

  1. That’s what happens when you put out a sh!tty product.

  2. It’s all about increasing share holder value, not about producing a quality product.

  3. Tbey have two strikes against them. One is an across the board decline in print news, and the other is a growing trend against left-bias news.

  4. All they do is reprint the liberal columnist from the Washington post and that left winger editor doblin .nobody will pay to read that crap

  5. They are still a good source for local news and events throughout Bergen County.

  6. The Borg Family Legacy!
    Liberal progressive = LIES

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