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Reader says , “Gorman should move to Chicago and be an Obama-style community organizer”


“Students should NEVER get the warm and fuzzy from adults when thinking about setting their own class schedule once the add/drop deadline has passed, regardless of what the political issue du jour happens to be. What if the students simply wanted to hold an ice cream social? Would the administration and the school board not have considered that unworthy and told them “cut class and suffer the consequences?”. No, it’s only when certain kool-aid drinking students scratch the sixties retreads’ special spot do their political hind legs go twitching and they become all luvvy duvvy and compliant like Gorman did. Absolutely pathetic and partisan.
Gorman only set about to scandalize and corrupt a much smaller group of naive second amendment supporters to similarly cut class and hold their own protest (inside the building and out of range of the videocameras of Gorman’s friends in the press, of course) to give himself the thinnest of a solomon-like veneer in the eyes of those of us who tend not to think too deeply about the menace of government-sponsored political action. Gorman should move to Chicago and be an Obama-style community organizer if that’s what floats his boat and leave the job of a high school principal to someone who actually wants to maintain or improve RHS’s academic performance and reputation.”

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