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Reader says , “I am witnessing near-misses between pedestrians and cars all the time now in Ridgewood”


“I am witnessing near-misses between pedestrians and cars all the time now in Ridgewood.”

“On the E Ridgewood Ave crossings, the crossings at Linwood Ave and Northern pkway, drivers just plough on through despite having clearly seen pedestrians.
The other issue is speeding. People are clearly exceeding the speed limits everywhere, and it isn’t the kids.
With the exception of Van Neste and E Ridgewood, the Ridgewood PD are nowhere to be seen in terms of traffic enforcement since the lockdown started.
They have a chief and three Lieutenants. Where is the leadership and since when did public safety not included traffic in Ridgewood?
I have great respect for the police, and support them. However, when drivers are acting so dangerously, I question who is supervising the shifts.
Of course, the town could pay for flashing pedestrian right if way signs, but clearly they’re more in other, more minor things. I suppose we’ll have to wait until someone is killed.”

13 thoughts on “Reader says , “I am witnessing near-misses between pedestrians and cars all the time now in Ridgewood”

  1. Every time I drive through Glen Rock I see a cop walking the sidewalk.

  2. Pedestrians need to take responsibility too. They need to get off their phones and watch where they are going!

  3. Speeding on Ridgewood ave. all the way to and from Paramus Road is out of control, no police seen anywhere.

  4. Glen Rock has higher taxes then Ridgewood

  5. Drivers put down your phones, your grande lattes, and any other distractions. Please. It is a simple equation

  6. The speed limit through the CBD should be lowered. And pedestrians need to stop jaywalking in between cars how can anyone see them.

  7. The streets being utilized over the weekend for the restaurants is an accident waiting to happen. Rickety road blocks and dumpsters that can be easily driven around are not protecting anyone. I would never put my family in such a position.

  8. The speed limit is the lowest by law. Rumble strips can be implemented on the CBD part of ridgewood Ave

  9. I understand the law. But there are other towns that have business actions and the speed limit is 15 or 20 miles an hour.

  10. Yeah those dumpsters are not that great of an idea. Cars can easily drive around them. There were many areas that cars can jump the curb and sidewalk and go around.

  11. Pedestrians think that by placing their foot in the crosswalk , any approaching vehicle automatically comes to a stop whether its 2 feet or 40 feet away.
    If you cross in a crosswalk at an intersection, be careful of a vehicle making a turn. The driver MAY have looked before turning and you wont there.. OR as i have seen many times, a jogger or bicyclist comes flying in front of my car. Other than a driver who constantly turns their head in a spastic matter (as you really need to do), your gonna get hit.
    And simply making eye contact or hand gestures with a driver may save you from becoming a hood ornament.
    With staggered streets not directly across from each other, the cottage place intersection by the ed center and stop/shop adds another dangerous dimension to the mix.

  12. The biggest problem in the CBD is pedestrians walking all over the place. They’re not always utilizing the crosswalk or the running off the sidewalk into the street and getting hit.

  13. Corsa Terrace has been the scene of multiple accidents.
    This road should be converted to a pedestrian only route from the Heights to downtown.
    On the map this road is legally only 25 feet wide with a hairpin turn. at the intersection of Crest Rd and Madison Pl.
    Is that even legal?
    Many pedestrians are forced to jump out of the way as cars cheat the hairpin turn.
    The turn at the bottom of the hill at West Ridgewood (la lanterns and tar in realtors) is also dangerous and the scene of multiple accidents every year.
    Traffic on this road is not safe!

    Heights road from West Ridgewood to Madison place provides wide access, lines of sight and level ground to come and go downtown by car.

    Retire this narrow unsafe road and provide safe pedestrian and bike access from the Heights to Downtown Ridgewood!

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