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Reader says ,”I pray that not one penny gets sent to New Jersey”

“I pray that not one penny gets sent to New Jersey. Murphy did not take any steps whatsoever to stop the State’s hemorrhaging of money; in fact, he has done just the opposite: giving illegal immigrants free healthcare, free education, free everything, while giving the actual citizens of New Jersey nothing but the bills for such generosity. To pay for his $10 billion loan, he is already going to have to raise sales taxes and even create a NEW state property tax. It is finally time for spending cuts and they must be DEEP! our budgets must be pared down to the bare minimums, we have no right to be giving away free things when we have no money to pay for them.”

5 thoughts on “Reader says ,”I pray that not one penny gets sent to New Jersey”

  1. How much of that is to pay for defined benefit pensions and pay as you go platinum healthcare for active & retired cops, firefighters and teachers? Had any public sector worker been furloughed since March?

  2. Even if they are furloughed. That’s not going to save us any money. Because they’re going to get the rest of their money from unemployment. That is not the answer. Do you think they’re going to furlough police and fire and teachers no way Jose.

  3. For the individual that is praying that the state of New Jersey doesn’t receive any money from the federal government. Be careful what you pray for my son. Because if The state doesn’t receive any money at all from the federal government, guess what’s going to happen. They’re going to raise taxes across-the-board throughout the state. Yes they can lay off employees across the state. And if that happens this state is going to go into disrepair. Meaning it’s going to be a real shit show and your dwelling investments in this state will be worth 35% less do you want that. Unless you sold everything you want right now in the state and you moved out already good for you. In the meantime be careful what you pray for.

    1. and more people will leave the state

  4. Do the people that want “money from Washington” understand the federal government has no money. It can only spend what it takes from it’s citizens. So increased money from Washington will be paid for by the residents of New Jersey.
    Don’t they teach this stuff in high school?

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