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Reader says ,”I think that instead of a “solution” the high costs of parking will actually drive customers and businesses away”


“Just imagine spending $30.99 per person at Mike’s ice cream? There are very few restaurants on the list that would be able to say that $30.99 without tax and tip would be a bargain. Add in several dollars for parking and no one will come. It was fair years ago when it was $20.00 and up and real dining places were included. Now it is a real joke! The old quote “Build a better mousetrap and they will come” fits here. The thought frequently expressed recently by The Chamber of Commerce–that Apple, Trader Joe’s etc. may happily come to Ridgewood now that we have a costly parking garage for their customers is really a pipe dream. Number one, where would they build “near the garage” and two, what incentive is a garage, or a street, with high parking costs for anyone’s potential customers? Someone, not naming name, has a serious problem if he thinks the garage is “The perfect solution to all of Ridgewood’s parking problems.” I think that instead of a “solution” the high costs of parking will actually drive customers and businesses away. Now we still have new stores leaving in a year or less and that trend will only be intensified by the higher cost in parking when all the near by towns have all we have to offer at no addition costs like parking!”

12 thoughts on “Reader says ,”I think that instead of a “solution” the high costs of parking will actually drive customers and businesses away”

  1. Agreed, but also there’s the whole psychological effect the big garage has on shoppers and diners. It simply isn’t mentally conducive to what it means to run an errand or have a casual dinner.

  2. Who’s going to do the maintenance at the site. The DPW is down to a skeleton crew. My tax money is going to the police

  3. Ridgewood is a “city” and not a “Village” Unbelievable everything that is being built here all of a sudden

  4. Build it big. Love it, spend the money. Make it nice.

  5. Fiasco in progress

    look at the construction sites and Street and Village damage underway

    the roads are crap///wear that VOR managememt//you caved and planned to Fail on all fronts

    for sales signs grow larger in number every day..hooray for the Realtors in Residence in city hall

    town looks terrible

  6. I limit my time in the CBD now since they raised parking rates and put in parksense.
    Adding the garage will only exacerbate this behavior

  7. My god it’s hideous and out of place. Makes me ill. Another Aronsohn catastrophe that we’ll have to look at forever.

    Paying 25 cents for every 20 minutes has been very irritating.

    I agree that the high cost of parking as well as ticketing will drive people away. See last Friday’s Ridgewood News for a letter to the editor by an angry resident who received a big ticket for being a couple of inches over the line (she claims), necessary (she also claims) because the adjacent car hadn’t allowed enough room.

  8. The village of Ridgewood Will need more clean community people. One individual is not enough to keep the CBD clean there should be two like years ago.

  9. This is not just a “Aronsohn catastrophe ” The current council shares the responsibly for this garage.

  10. Current Council has made spending our tax dollars on the Police Dept and Schedler a priority over all else. Even the Elks building purchase & renovation using Ridgewood Water’s capital budget is to free up space for the RPD in Village Hall. Why do their 30 employees need space in the CBD with no parking for their trucks? Wonder why the Council spends on a private shooting range for the RPD? And yet, look at the shape of the CBD, Van Ness Square, the bus station. Look at the roads. Will the police officers help or just use the garage as yet another excuse to bill the Village and it’s taxpayers even more OT?

  11. the Garage is the Tip of the fiscal missile bearing down on any homeowner with kids in the Schools and no exit ticket out..LOOK at the for sales Signs all around us

    works for the realtors..i mean POLS ..I mean those in charge….those out of control on the taxpayers liability will continue to pay for their agendas.. where is Roberta when we needed her ?

  12. Every day my love for RW turns to hate more and more…
    very sad.

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