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Reader Says ,If the school election isn’t subject to a vote in November, then you lost your right to vote. Settled science


If the school election isn’t subject to a vote in November, then you lost your right to vote. Settled science . . . you don’t get to vote on the school budget in November genius under almost all conditions.

FACTS MATTER (read: don’t buy Winograd’s lies) . . . .

School board elections held in April allowed for voter input on the school budget.. Election in November do NOT allow for a direct vote on the budget unless. the school tax levy is greater then 2% annually. The 2% cap is not a cap on the entire budget increase and highly unlikely to ever trigger a budget vote. High cost expenses are not included in the 2% cap. Also, budget increases below 2% can be “banked” and added to a future budget.

While Board of Education elections were held in November, the school budget increase for the 2018-2019 school year was 3.62% and did not trigger a vote. The additional 1.62% equaled $1.5 million from the taxpayers not needed to cover education costs.

The concept that moving the vote saves $$ is absurd. You save pennies on the dollar on election costs when compared to costs saved by carefully reducing costs or cutting the fat our of the school budget if it does not pass in April.

And, finally, Ridgewood local election turnout is higher in the spring than in November, demonstrated by data available from the Bergen County Clerk.

The November local elections experiment in Ridgewood has already failed. Turnout for Board of Education elections held in November from 2014 -2018 spanned from 12.5% (one of our lowest turnouts in the past several years) to 35.5%, an overall average of 24%. During that time, typically hotly contested Board of Education seats went uncontested for four out of those five elections. People stopped paying attention once the local elections were held simultaneously with national, state, and county issues.

Data for Ridgewood local elections held in the spring demonstrates that when voters have the opportunity to focus specifically on our local issues, turnout is higher. This year’s May election had a 29% turnout, higher than the entire November 2019 general election turnout of 22%. Average turnout for Ridgewood local elections is about 2% higher in the spring than in November.


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7 thoughts on “Reader Says ,If the school election isn’t subject to a vote in November, then you lost your right to vote. Settled science

  1. Taxpayers have Ms. Winograd to thank for the screw job.

  2. Settled science. Agree. Unamerican. Thank you S. Winograd.

  3. It comes down to the fact that people don’t care enough to come out and vote. Especially for special elections.

    In April, the soccer mom mafia floods the polls and the budgets rarely get shot down.

    Now you go to vote on election day and you find that you basically have no say over the budget. But they didn’t tell you this part of the equation.

    And now, with our enlightened tyranny, it doesn’t matter.

    “You will teach what we tell you to or you don’t get any taxpayer money form the state.”

    Tyrants don’t ask for very much, all they want is the children.

    And after all, isn’t it “for the children?”

    1. You don’t “basically hane no say over they budget;”. It won’t even be on the ballot anymore. At least in April,.you could express dissatisfaction with the budget. But the HSA mommies and the rest of the social sluts will always holler “it’s for the kids.”.

  4. These kids are going to be so F-ed up

  5. You’re telling me, you never give up your right to vote people fought for many years to have their vote counted.

  6. The whole thing was unconscionable. We cannot allow this person or her running mate to be in charge of anything.

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