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Reader says , “if you can fine homeowners for creating a hazard and no parking the village should be held to a least the same standard”

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The village schedule had the leaves being picked up before the Thanksgiving holiday. Most of the houses followed directions and had leaves in the street as per the rules severely reducing street parking and restricting car traffic. They are all still there .
Many folks had visitors over the holiday who had no place to park as the village missed all of their published dates. If a homeowner caused this mess he would be fined, I understand the frustration. Why publish a schedule if it can be easily changed.? The poster is correct that if you can fine homeowners for creating a hazard and no parking the village should be held to a least the same standard.

14 thoughts on “Reader says , “if you can fine homeowners for creating a hazard and no parking the village should be held to a least the same standard”

  1. This happens every year.
    I don’t understand why they don’t put extra time into the pickup schedule to allow for being behind schedule. Here’s a thought. Skip that first pickup (when leaves are barely on the ground) and put more resources into getting them up around Thanksgiving.

  2. The VoR uses the NJDEP 7 day mandate as an excuse to use taxpayers as ATMs. If we put out leaves 1 day early, boom! Fine levied. If they are 7 days late in collecting leaves, no big deal. Protecting the environment my a$$.

  3. As a long time resident , again poor scheduling. Who is in charge of preparing the schedule. They should be fired immediately. What a screw up. Or I know is I better never ever get a ticket for my leads in th why no was I better never ever get a ticket for my Leaves in the road . If I receive a ticket I’m calling the press. And Allen parachute like you’ve never have been.
    Yours truly
    Long-time resident.

  4. System not working back to the drawing board. !!!!!!

  5. This leaf cleanups have gone smoothly in my neighborhood.

  6. They NEVER hit the first date on my street.
    Then they “forget” the first date and come one day close to the SECOND date.

  7. Hey I know the wind some they lose him. As long as they come around sooner or later. You cannot control mess mother nature. Have a nice day

  8. They NEVER hit the first day on your street because THERE IS NO DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The published dates are for YOU to put out your leaves; they will be picked up sometime after that date. DUH!!!!!

  9. Who is in charge. Time for a change. We need experience immediately.

  10. Smoking weed.

  11. How come other towns don’t use the 7 day mandate.
    Who gives a shit if some rain washes natural leaf water runoff.
    Does it disturb all the PCB, chromium and other chemicals in Newark Bay or the Passaic river?

  12. There should be no schedule…
    Pick up as necessary every week.
    Fewer leaves to pick up means less equipment concentrated in one area.
    Learn from midland park and Hohokus… Put a Broom on a pickup truck and do it more often when you do not require massive front end loaders, other than to load dump trucks.
    This year is another disgrace

  13. Mountains of leaves everywhere. Rain has done its job and created a mess. Streets are narrowed at places to just 1 lane. We are being governed by incompetent people who are creating a mess out of every ordinary village chore. The worst is when they ask people to report any issues by calling. You can call 100 times a day but nothing will move on. They don’t give a sh!t, I don’t care and give a sh!t anymore either. These people drained out my desire to leave in a nice, clean and quiet suburb and be a great resident and caring neighbor. Good job. This is the result when focusing on how to transform a village into a city and forget the basic responsibilities.

  14. What happened. Years ago it went so Smoothie . Do we have a change and supervision or another management, because it shows. They do not have to experience like the past. What is shame.

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