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Reader says ,Jewish residents, “should be more concerned with the Democratic party’s anti-semitic position”

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“The Jewish residents of NJ have good cause to be unsettled regarding BLM, and the rampant anti-semitism they believe in.

However, they should be more concerned with the Democratic party’s anti-semitic position. There has never been so much as a “no” spoken by Democrats against attacks being made against Jews. Anyone remember the Hanukkah celebration a few months ago? Shaheen; Cortez; De Blasio; Omar; Warren; Biden and yes, Obama and his cohort of Rev. Wright, Sharpton et al, they are all as guilty as sin of failing to condemn, and in fact outright support of such attacks.

The evil grew the same way in 1933 – Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. Oust the Dems! “

4 thoughts on “Reader says ,Jewish residents, “should be more concerned with the Democratic party’s anti-semitic position”

  1. I’ll defer to my Jewish friends here. It wouldn’t surprise me if they feel overlooked or taken for granted.

    But the Dems do seem hell bent on getting the “Victim” vote.

    We really need a 3rd party in this country…

  2. All lives matter.

  3. Jew here. It’s a fact that BLM is anti Semitic. They’re anti israel and more than anything they’re anti Jew because only one group can be a victim. Don’t overlook anti-semitism, it’s all over the place.

  4. BLM is anti Semitic…
    Their anti white…
    Their anti everybody…
    And their mostly wealthy white 20 somethings pricks from Ridgewood hell bent on their own destruction.
    I had a black friend of mine laughing the other day at the audacity of the privileged white girls thinking it’s OK to march on the boulevard waving their signs and looking, LOOKING to agitate the authorities. His comment was simple…mind your own business. He was perfectly capable of defending himself and his rights and does not need the support of a demented suburban female or her boyfriend who insists on sporting his midriff wearing a white belt in all photos of these fabulous events. Talk about pathetic looser.

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